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February 8, 2013By: VocoVision

Keith Wann is bringing the American Sign Language (ASL) comedy tour to the United States again this year. Since 2008, he’s been producing and hosting the tour, to bring awareness about the community through comedy. The two-hour show is designed to highlight up-and-coming ASL comedians and features a mix of: comedy, skits, improvisations, and storytelling. Performers include: Wann, Peter Cook, Crom Saunders, Lianna Carrera, Patrick Fischer, Branton Stewart, Windell “Wink” Smith Jr., Gregg Spera, and Justin “Wormy” Callaway and others. Keith is one of the most well-known ASL performers in the U.S., a hysterical performer whose unique take and comical antics onstage bring the big laughs every time. ASL professionals can enjoy an evening of comedy – and potentially share some of the jokes with their students later!

Peter Cook
Peter Cook is a well-known ASL storyteller, who works as an assistant professor with Columbia College of Chicago American Sign Language–English Interpretation program. Deaf as a result of spinal meningitis at age three, he spends his time traveling the country telling stories and reading his poems in sign language. Though he grew up lip reading and didn’t learn sign language until attending college, his performances are moving and heartfelt, and he makes a great straight man for the comedy team.

Crom Saunders
Crom Saunders will be presenting a view on society from the perspective of the deaf. He holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and spends his time teaching, performing, lecturing and presenting on a vast array of topics. He has spent most of his life working in theatre, in a variety of positions both back and on stage. His brand of comedy is a bit silly and more than a bit physical. Even a hearing person who doesn’t understand ASL can appreciate his exaggerated comedy.

Lianna Carrera
On the ASL tour, Lianna tells her story of growing up as a child of deaf parents. She’s also a talented writer with her own comedy column at Huffington Post.

Patrick Fischer
Patrick Fischer is a graphic artist and actor who works to create visual products for those who want to learn more about ASL and the deaf. When not working in theatre, he teaches ASL.

Branton Stewart
A child to deaf parents, Branton worked through many different languages such as cued speech, oralism, and ASL to bridge the gap between world of the deaf and the world of the hearing. In addition to his work on the comedy tour, he’s worked with mimes acted in a murder mystery, and has his own solo comedy act.

Windell “Wink” Smith, Jr.
Wink travels the country promoting ASL and deaf rights, both as part of the ASL comedy tour, and through his own one-man show, “My Father’s Gift.” During this show, he tells stories about his life and his parents.

Justin “Wormy” Callaway
For his part of the tour, “Wormy” shares his deaf perspectives of American culture. He is well known as a deaf paintball player.

The ASL comedy tour is booked for several cities across the United States. To expand on tours, local comedians can audition in their home cities, to add local appeal to each show.

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