Online Therapy vs Face to Face

September 15, 2017By: VocoVision

Depending on who you talk to, there is a lot to be said about therapy that is face-to-face and therapy that is long-distance or provided virtually via telepractice. Many parents hold a preference which has a lot to do with their available resources and what works best for their child. Is one form of therapy better than the other? We’re digging deeper into some facts about both. 

Face-to-face therapy is certainly quite effective. It allows for children to learn social skills at the same time as working on their speech. For adults, it allows them to learn to reconnect with others while struggling with their lack of communication. Speech pathologists employ a variety of tools that help make the sessions easier and more enjoyable for all involved. Tools can include physical or virtual games, virtual reality, computer programs, and phone apps, and may also include music and art therapies. Face-to-face therapy is certainly a contender for being the “best” option since it covers so much. For some people, however, in-person therapy is just not accessible. Certain areas of the country, including rural areas, may not have access to enough qualified speech pathologists to treat students. Other families may not be able to afford the cost of a speech therapist. Often, families land in the middle, lacking income and resources. Taking time out for weekly sessions, or multiple sessions in a week, can add to the strain of providing for the patient.

Online therapy, also called teletherapy, is great for patients and students who suffer from severe social anxiety and may lack local access to a therapist. Whether it’s using computer programs or following specific programs created by therapists, there is a lot of freedom with teletherapy. If a patient is simply having a really bad day, the schedule you have working on the therapy can be adjusted to work within their comfort level. Teletherapy with a speech therapist saves patients from sorting out transportation to and from therapy sessions.

Ultimately, neither type of therapy can be named the “best option.” The only thing that can be the “best option” depends on the patient or student, along with the therapist! For those who prefer teletherapy, VocoVision can be an incredible resource!

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