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What is telepractice speech therapy?

Telepractice speech therapy is live speech therapy—not pre-recorded—with a certified and highly qualified therapist conducted over our interactive and engaging video conference technology. In fact, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recognizes teletherapy as a proven means to deliver effective speech therapy.

What are the benefits of speech therapy at home?

With VocoVision At-Home, your child can access top teletherapists anywhere in the country. You’ll receive the speech therapy services you need, affordably and on a schedule that works for you. If you have a high-speed internet connection and a device with a camera, speakers, and a microphone, you have access to telepractice speech therapy.

While many students may be receiving services at school, supplementing therapy with private sessions at home may help your child transfer their skills to other environments like the home and community.

See our system requirements for more details.

Is online speech therapy right for us?

Maybe, because of where you live, you have limited access to speech-language pathologists. Maybe you just want supplemental support for your child to continue therapy at home. If any of those “maybes” describe your situation, VocoVision At-Home may be the solution you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can connect you with convenient and affordable telepractice speech therapy services.

What challenges can our teletherapists help your child overcome?

Work with us to find the right therapist—anywhere in the country—to address your child's specific therapeutic needs, including:

Articulation Disorders

Children who experience complications with the movement of their tongue or lips whether it be from weakness, difficulty of motion or other movement issues can benefit from sessions with our teletherapists. Treatment typically includes helping your child hear when sounds are made correctly or incorrectly and demonstrating to them how to make the sound. Our teletherapists work with your child on making sounds that are correct in different structures like syllables, words and sentences.


Childhood Apraxia of speech affects how your child produces speech due to motor planning /coordination issues. Our teletherapists can help your child succeed by providing individualized treatment that does not interfere with their classroom participation.

Auditory Processing Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorders affect children by making them have trouble recognizing small differences in words, in turn causing them difficulty processing what is being said to them. VocoVision teletherapists can help by working with your child on developing listening skills as well as conversational skills. They also help to train your child on identifying and distinguishing between sounds.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders speech therapy needs greatly vary. In general, our teletherapists will work with your child to help them with any issues relating to speaking. Our teletherapists also work closely with families to help them better communicate with their loved one.

Cognitive-Communication Disorders

As a guardian of someone with a Cognitive-Communication Disorder, you know more than anyone that cognition is strongly related to communication. Our services will help your child with verbal and non-verbal cues, navigation of socially appropriate conversations, retaining and understanding information as well as teaching them to use their voice and speech to effectively express themselves.

Fluency (Stuttering)

Children who stutter may be impacted by both the way that they speak and their feelings towards the stuttering behaviors. Since fluency disorders are much more than a motor issue, our teletherapists will approach your child’s needs from a variety of perspectives to help them meet their therapy goals.

Developmental Disabilities

There are a variety of Developmental Disabilities that may have an impact on your child’s speech and language progression. Our VocoVision therapists will assess your child to understand what techniques will help them excel.

Language Impairments

Children with Language Impairments, such as receptive, expressive and pragmatic language disorders can have difficulties with language components that impact their functional communication in their home and community. Children can benefit from at-home speech therapy services to help them transfer their new skills to other settings like at home. Each child is assessed by the teletherapist so they can help them with the specific areas they struggle with.

Literacy & Written Language

Reading and spoken words have an essential connection. Unfortunately, due to the high demand of Speech-Language Pathologists, many schools are relying on other professionals to help students with Literacy problems. Our teleprofessionals can help your child with the development of speech sounds and phonological rules so they can have better letter-sound correspondence resulting in the ability to decode words. With these fundamentals, your child is armed with the tools they need to be successful as they advance through school.

Voice or Resonance Disorders

Telepractitioners working with children with Voice and Resonance Disorders, should work collaboratively with other professionals to understand the physiological and behavioral needs. Managing your child's Voice or Resonance Disorder is important to their academic and social success. Our therapists can help by providing treatment to support their needs.

Other speech conditions

Many conditions can cause your child to have speech and language impairments. Our teletherapists are here to help. They offer the techniques and support that your child needs to help them thrive.

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