We conducted research on the factors that influence the success of virtual learning for students with special needs

Our study confirmed delivering personalized teleservices requires collaboration among school districts, educators and teleprofessionals.

Understand Unique Needs

Understand the unique needs of student populations. Assess who might benefit the most from teleservices, their individual needs, languages, and learning environment.

Implement the Right Technology, Tools & Training

Use familiar platforms, feature tools that drive engagement and train special education professionals on best practices for virtual delivery.

Cultivate Collaboration

Cultivate a collaborative approach to remote learning. Drive outcomes and ensure consistency with school curriculum by coordinating with other educators.

We believe that special education is not a journey to be taken alone. Our teleprofessionals work closely with other educators. In doing so, we help achieve better outcomes for students with special needs as well as the school systems entrusted with their development.

⁃ Special Education Teacher, California

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VocoVision Has Everything You Need

From educators to resources – VocoVision has what you need to transform virtual learning for students with special needs.

Experienced and Qualified Teleprofessionals

Connect with the country's best and most qualified teleprofessionals to help your students realize their full potential.

Dedicated Support For Your School

Get ongoing support for your school through our clinical, technical, and support teams to ensure you receive the most effective virtual education services possible.

Innovative and Effective Technology

Access the most innovative and effective teleservices technology available, making learning secure and safe for your students.