We work with schools around the nation to provide the very best education recruitment and staffing solutions that open a world of new opportunities for students and families. Wherever your school or district is located, we can help you find and hire the most qualified education staff for your unique needs.

The Best Education Staffing Solutions - No Matter Your Location

At VocoVision, we offer education staffing solutions that allow school districts and their students to get access to the education and therapy services they need, regardless of location. We have a national network of highly qualified and experienced teletherapists who will help students reach their full potential, with a face-to-face connection through our teletherapy platform. When you partner with us for education staffing solutions, we not only connect you with the country’s very best teletherapists, but you also gain access to our innovative technology and support from a dedicated education recruitment specialist and our clinical and technical teams.

Education Recruitment Made Simple

Whether your school is located in an isolated area or if you are having difficulties finding a therapist near you, partner with us for your school staffing services. Wherever and whenever you need them, we will connect you with highly qualified teletherapy school professionals that will allow your students to receive the services they need with school-based professionals nationwide.

Experienced and Qualified Teleprofessionals

We connect you with the country’s best teletherapy professionals who are skilled and experienced in providing school-based services. Before each teletherapy assignment, we make sure that our teletherapists have the experience and tools they need to provide effective and efficient teletherapy services that will allow your students to realize their full potential.

Dedicated Support For Your School

Our school staffing services go beyond just placing highly qualified teletherapy professionals in your district or school, we also provide ongoing support throughout each assignment. Not only is every VocoVision’s teletherapist experienced in providing distance learning solutions, but they are also fully backed by our clinical, technical, and support teams to make sure that you receive the most effective virtual education services available.

Innovative and Effective Technology

Teletherapy works, and there is continued evidence of its effectiveness for remote school-based therapy and education services. With VocoVision, you are getting not only the most innovative and effective teletherapy technology available, but you are also getting teletherapy services that are both secure and safe for your students.

Education Staffing Solutions We Offer

At VocoVision, our services are customizable and tailored to your school’s unique needs. Our education recruitment specialists will get to know the needs of your school and students and connect you with the country’s very best teletherapy school professionals fit for your needs, including:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • School Social Workers
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teachers
  • Teachers of the Visually Impaired
  • Physical Therapists

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How Our Education Recruitment Services Work

We work with schools to break down barriers and help students realize their full potential by providing them with the specialized therapy services they need. Teletherapy recruitment in the education sector is all we do, and because of that, we can assure you that you will receive the very best services available, regardless of location.

Unlike other education staffing agencies, we offer a comprehensive teletherapy experience from start to finish. Here’s a brief overview of the step-by-step process:


Identify Your Unique Needs

We start by talking with you to understand the unique needs of your school and students and we go over how VocoVision can meet those needs.


Recruit and Screen School Professionals

We identify and screen top school professionals from our national network to find the provider that has the specialized skill set that you’re looking for.


Verify Credentials

Our internal team of credentialing specialists will verify the telepractitioners credentials to ensure they meet state and school requirements.


Interview Top Talent

We present you with the very best telepractitioner for the job and set up interviews with you and your team.


Make the Offer

Working together, we create a job offer that works for everyone.


Clinical and Technical Onboarding

We provide clinical and technical support before and during their assignment, including recaps to ensure they are prepared to transfer their skills to an online setting.


Technical Set Up At Your District

We coordinate with your team to establish the technical needs of your district and work alongside you to implement all required equipment for services.


Ongoing Support

From the moment you begin working with VocoVision, through each placement at your district, you are backed by the support of our team.