Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing teachers are dedicated to helping students achieve their maximum potential. VocoVision provides the platform to connect your students with only the highest-quality DHH teachers from around the nation.

What does a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher do?

DHH teachers provide instructional services to students who have hearing loss, not only in academic areas, but also in communication, vocational, and social-emotional learning. They also guide school staff to ensure that they meet DHH students’ needs, as well as inform families about the instructional program. Partnering with VocoVision means that you are providing deaf and hard of hearing services to students and helping them to reach their potential from anywhere.

How do virtual deaf and hard of hearing services work?

Here at VocoVision, our remote DHH teachers transfer their extensive skill sets into a virtual learning environment to provide deaf and hard of hearingservices to students across the country. Students receive the same level of instruction and teacher-student interaction virtually as they would in a physical setting. DHH teachers at VocoVision and their students have access to an engaging, intuitive platform, setting learners up for success. Teachers can instruct, assess, participate in IEPs, and communicate seamlessly with all stakeholders. The telepractice model can benefit families, school staff, and outside service providers.

VocoVision’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing teachers partner with staff and administrators in schools to facilitate learning. Virtual services bring deaf/hard of hearing programs directly to students to provide them with the necessary resources they require. Our remote interactions encourage parent participation, as DHH teachers can model strategies to reinforce learning for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Additionally, scheduling is a snap. Our expert teachers can hold in-services for school staff, providing advice to ensure that DHH students are receiving appropriate learning scaffolds and accommodations.

Benefits of online deaf and hard of hearing services

Research shows that online Deaf and Hard of Hearing instruction is equally effective as in-person teaching, and students are more engaged with a virtual platform. Teletherapy communication is efficient between DHH teachers, parents, and other professionals. Information can be shared digitally, making meetings more productive. Most importantly, remote DHH students now have complete access to services. With VocoVision’s expansive network of expert online DHH teachers, schools can unlock learning for all students within the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Hire a remote deaf and hard of hearing teacher for your school

VocoVison’s remote deaf and hard of hearing teachers are committed to seeing the children they work with strive in all aspects of their life. And of course, all of VocoVision’s DHH teacher are properly licensed and credentialed. Partner with VocoVision today to ensure your students are receiving the deaf and hard of hearing services they need to excel.

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Working as a Teletherapy Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher

Connect with the students who need you most - from the comforts of your own home. Start your career as a deaf and hard of hearing telepracitioner today.

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