Our virtual teachers of the visually impaired are dedicated to making students with visual impairments flourish in school. Our services allow your students to connect with premier professionals who are located throughout the country.

What does a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) do?

They assess the student’s needs and teach specific skills. However, they also help classroom teachers and others adapt materials and curriculum to make them accessible, as well as making the school environment more conducive to meeting the child’s needs.

How does telepractice for the visually impaired work?

VocoVision’s remote TVIs are skilled at modifying environments from an online setting just as well as they do onsite. Even though many of the adaptations and materials needed to help visually impaired students are tactile, TVIs have been successfully teaching braille remotely without any disruption. VocoVision’s TVIs can also employ our easy-to-use tools that not only help students, but can train and support family members, educators, and administrators. Now teachers can assess the needs of visually impaired students and help them access instruction and materials as well.

VocoVision’s teachers of the visually impaired are also accessible to respond to parent questions through a variety of online means. Using video conference technology, TVIs can observe classroom environments and provide feedback and strategies to teachers. They are also able to participate in IEP and other parent meetings to plan for meeting student needs.

Benefits of online teachers for the visually impaired

Students are eager to use their assistive technology when working with a VocoVision TVI. Often, students are more engaged with our teleconferencing platform. Offering remote TVI services is considered less intrusive for not only the student and teachers, but also other students who can often be distracted by another professional in the classroom. Not to mention, schools that have struggled in the past sourcing qualified TVIs to their districts instantly gain access to a large pool of TVI professionals spread out across the country that they never had before.

Hire a telepractice for TVI for your school

VocoVision’s TVI providers not only have received the required technical onboarding, clinical education, and licensing, but also have full access to VocoVision’s wide range of tools, digital programs, and other online therapy materials. When you partner with VocoVision you are allowing your students to achieve their personal best.

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Working as a telepractice teacher of the visually impaired

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