When you partner with us, you’re getting more than an innovative telepractice tech platform. You’re partnering with a team of specialists in our respective disciplines, committed to breaking down location and language barriers and creating connections between the country’s top school professionals and the students who need them.

40,000+ Students Helped Nationwide
350+ School Districts Served
1.6 MILLION+ VocoVision Teletherapy Sessions Performed

A team for every therapist

The school professionals and service providers who work with us are already some of the best in the country. So, how can we help them be even better? By giving them access to our VocoVision Clinical Team! This in-house team ensures that each telepractitioner has the onboarding they need to effectively assess, teach, interpret, and inspire in a virtual setting. New telepractitioners can also connect with our credentialing professionals who can guide them about licensure.

More connections mean greater opportunities

More than 10 years ago, we realized that there were thousands of students around the country not receiving the services they needed and we wanted to change that. Fast forward to today - we offer a national network that makes it possible for schools and school districts to connect with highly qualified educators and therapists in any part of the country. Students, families, schools and communities get access to school professionals with the specific clinical and language skills they need. And those school professionals get access to more opportunities to share their talents wherever they’re needed.

Tech, knowledge, ease

With a team of IT experts to help your school or district find the digital solution that works best, you can be sure that children are getting the services they need, delivered in the way that helps them reach their educational and therapeutic goals. Our team also provides support to providers and school teams to help them understand and get the most out of our VocoVision technology.

Work with us in a way that works for you

Whether you’re a traditional school, a virtual school or a parent looking for additional support outside the classroom, you can access the services your students need, regardless of where you are.

Public and Charter Schools

We connect schools with the highly qualified telepractitioners they need to effectively treat, teach, assess and encourage a single student, or an entire caseload. The flexibility of our telepractitioners allows them to collaborate with other teachers and members of your team, and work on a full-year, or short-term basis.

Virtual Schools

As the country’s most reliable source of telepractice services, we work with virtual schools everywhere to give them access to premium specialized educational and therapy services in a way that seamlessly integrates with their existing platforms.

At-Home Services for parents

Parents can bring VocoVision into their homes to provide supplementary services when their children are on breaks or need additional one-on-one sessions. With flexible scheduling, telepractitioners can even be available evenings or on weekends.

Mobile Services

Why should telepractice be tied to one computer or a single classroom? With a variety of mobile solutions, our experienced telepractitioners can accompany their students in other classrooms, or even in their communities to provide in-the-moment teaching, interventions and consultations whenever and wherever they need it.