3.5 million+ VocoVision Teletherapy Sessions Performed
10+ Years Serving Students, Families, Schools, and Communities
3,800+ School-based Telepractitioners and Special Educators

Education backed by imagination.

Imagine what could be accomplished if we didn’t have to worry about the distance between school professionals and the students who need them most. Instead, let’s concentrate on the things that bring them closer. The passion to learn and to teach. The desire to be understood and to overcome obstacles. The drive to find more flexibility and discover greater possibilities. At VocoVision, our focus is to find imaginative solutions to ensure that education and special services are more accessible. VocoVision teleservice solutions empower students to experience the face-to-face connections they need to achieve their goals and go further than they ever imagined.

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Connect with the Best

Our innovative teletherapy platform enables students to make face-to-face connections with the most highly qualified, experienced, and passionate telepractitioners.

Opportunities for All

Through virtual learning and therapy sessions, students and families get the services they need, wherever they are, and school professionals enjoy greater career flexibility.

Virtual Gets Personal

Our telepractioners do more than meet the students’ educational needs. They maximize learning opportunities and facilitate effective connections that are enjoyable, interactive and highly effective.

Teletherapy: the new face of education.

Yes, innovative technology plays a big part in how we deliver our teletherapy services. However, many of the students, families and school districts we work with often need more than a tech solution. They need the face behind that technology. A professional face that is highly qualified, passionate and caring. When you partner with VocoVision you’ll come face-to-face with some of the world’s top school professionals:

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