What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the providing of services from a remote location. This can be through videoconferencing, telephone call, or via email and/or chat. The standard teletherapy definition when involving schools usually involves a professional specialist connecting remotely with a student, often via video conferences. For those wondering what teletherapy is used for, the answer is multi-faceted. Whether students need speech or psychological services, occupational therapy or various other school-based needs, they can access them through teletherapy.

How does it work?

How does teletherapy work? Certified professionals deliver high-quality instructional and other related services remotely to students. Best practices from the specific field – school psychology, social work, occupational therapy, to name a few – are implemented into every session.

How effective is telepractice service delivery compared to in-person?

Telepractice, widely recognized and accepted by education and health-related professionals, has proven to be an effective method for delivering services to K-12 students with disabilities in school settings. The available research and findings have consistently shown that telepractice is highly effective, with no significant differences compared to in-person services across various disciplines, including speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and school psychology. In fact, some of the findings demonstrated that telepractice service delivery outcomes were more effective than in-person.As with any service, school professionals, clinicians, and families are continuously evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of telepractice.

Is telepractice viable for conducting assessments and interventions?

In addition to the available and growing body of research, many professional organizations support telepractice as a viable method for assessments and interventions, including:

What materials are being used for assessments and interventions?

Our Toolkit, developed in collaboration with clinical experts, includes rigorously vetted third-party resources. We ensure that the tests within the Toolkit are commonly used in schools and districts and are well-suited for the student population. These tools are modified and approved by the test publishers for remote administration and are further substantiated through independent research to ensure their effectiveness.

What qualifications are necessary for clinicians and school professionals to ensure they are equipped to deliver effective telepractice services?

They must hold valid licenses in both the practice state and the student’s residence state, adhere to professional ethics and standards, and pursue ongoing professional development to ensure competency in teleservice delivery. At VocoVision, our telepractitioners not only gain access to a comprehensive library of virtual service best practices but also receive continuous clinical and technical support.

What technology platforms and equipment are required? Are they compliant?

Web-based synchronous telepractice services require a reliable and secure internet connection, computer, and webcam for both students and telepractitioners. VocoVision prioritizes connectivity optimization, network security, and offers continuous technical support and comprehensive resources to ensure high-quality telepractice services fully compliant with HIPPA, FERPA, and HITECH regulations.

How to choose between teletherapy companies?

There are several therapy providers to choose from, but VocoVision stands out above the rest. With expert, specialized professionals ready to serve students, top-notch service is guaranteed. Teletherapy platforms matter, too, as service providers and schools need a convenient, efficient way to connect. VocoVision offers exceptional value for schools, parents and providers.

What are teletherapy software and technical requirements?

In order to participate in teletherapy with VocoVision, you will need some basic necessities. A computer with a webcam, solid home internet, and a headset with a microphone is all that is required.

Is vocovision a HIPPA compliant teletherapy platform?

As only the best teletherapy platforms are, VocoVision is HIPAA compliant. We adhere to all HIPAA standards to ensure protection of sensitive and private health information.

Are there specific teletherapy rules?

Yes, there are. As part of teletherapy best practices, trustworthy companies like VocoVision follow certain guidelines to produce reliable and valid outcomes. These rules include how to handle assessments, tech issues, case management, collaboration with outside professionals, and communicating with families.

What services does VocoVision offer?

VocoVision offers a wide range of teletherapy services. It provides offerings in many fields, including:

What are the advantages of teletherapy?

Teletherapy provides many advantages over traditional therapy. Convenience, privacy, personal connections, and the ability to flexibly schedule sessions are just some of these benefits. The number of students who can gain from teletherapy is increased substantially. Those in remote locations can now log on and receive services instantly.