Our highly qualified and passionate virtual school social workers inspire students to overcome obstacles. Because our services are online, more students get access to the services they need.

What does a school social worker do?

Social workers are vital in every school system to treat and diagnose behavioral, mental, and emotional issues caused by problems in a students’ day-to-day life. A school social worker operates as a part of a special education department but isn’t limited to working with just special education students. Like many other school professionals, they also collaborate with parents, school staff, and teachers to help implement treatment plans. The goal for a school social worker is to create an environment and behavior management plan that best allows their students to succeed.

How does social work teletherapy work?

Social workers operating through VocoVision’s teletherapy technology work very similarly to a traditional in-person social worker. Through live teleconferencing technology, social workers meet with students where they can provide a variety of different services including:

  • Identify students in need
  • Assess the level of intervention required
  • Create behavioral goals
  • Implement treatment plans
  • Respond to crisis situations
  • Monitor student progress

Not only do VocoVision’s social workers work directly with students, they are also in constant communication with teachers and other school staff, providing important updates and collaborating on methods of treatment.

Benefits of telepractice school social workers

Staffing issues due to a district or school’s location is no longer an issue with social work teletherapy services. Telepractice school social workers can provide help to those in need regardless of their location. Your district’s contractor pool size increases from your immediate area to the entire country, which means more qualified professionals to choose from. Districts often save costs when working with telepractice social workers because they don’t have to pay for their providers to travel between schools.

Hire a telepractice school social worker

You will no longer have to worry about your school social workers’ credentials and licensing. VocoVision ensures teleprofessionals are properly onboarded for whatever district they operate in. Give your students the help they deserve so they can reach their fullest potential and connect them with a social worker today.

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Working as a school social worker online

Looking for more flexibility in the way you work? Start helping kids anywhere across the country as a teletherapy social worker, all from the comforts of your own home.

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