Wherever your school or district is located, a connection with a qualified, experienced telepractitioner can help your students and their families reach a world of new opportunities, possibilities and untapped potential.

The Proof is in the Practice

As the implementation of telepractice and remote learning becomes more widespread, we’re seeing more and more evidence of just how effective it is in helping students overcome their individualized challenges.

Effective and Still Evolving

As our partner, you’re not only getting our most innovative technology and highly qualified telepractitioners. You’re also getting our commitment to continuously explore more efficient methods of delivering specialized therapy and education.

Education is Collaboration

Yes, our telepractioners work with your students, but ultimately this is a group effort. Every provider is also your partner, collaborating with teachers, team members and parents to make sure all needs are met, and goals are achieved.

What is School-Based Teletherapy?

Students who need therapy services should receive those services no matter their location. Whether your school is located in a remote area or your district is having trouble finding a therapist in your region – teletherapy can help make those face-to-face connections. School-based teletherapy allows students to receive services they need with telepractitioners who are located throughout the country. Our professionals provide effective and efficient assessment and treatment through our unique teletherapy platform. Our dedicated telepractitioner can perform the same administrative tasks.

How our teletherapy school services work

We work with public, charter and virtual schools to break down barriers in education and help students rise above their challenges and realize their full potential. Here’s how it works:


It starts by finding and recruiting the country’s most qualified service providers


They’re prepared to ensure their skills transfer to a virtual setting


They get the tools they need to teach, assess, interpret and more


We get to know the needs of your specific district, school and students


Then we connect you with the telepractitioners that fit your needs, regardless of location


You get the right digital solution and we provide guidance on how to use it


The result: your own innovative, interactive and effective virtual education solution

What vision can we help you realize?

From a single student to an entire caseload. From short-term help to a full-year engagement. From specific clinical needs like apraxia and stuttering to visual motor skills, partner with us for the specialized teletherapy services you need, whenever and wherever you need them. Let us connect you with highly qualified professionals to:

  • Manage your standard speech and language and occupational therapy caseloads.
  • Deliver effective and efficient behavioral, academic and cognitive assessments.
  • Interpret ASL in multiple settings.
  • Modify environments and materials for visually impaired or deaf/hard of hearing students.
  • Get support in multiple languages other than English.

Teletherapy Services We Offer for Schools

At VocoVision, we can connect you with the country’s very best teletherapy school professionals, including:

Speech-Language Pathologists

Our dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists provide assessment, intervention and treatment for students who need speech therapy.

School Psychologists

VocoVision School Psychologists are experts in psychology and can help students with mental health, learning and behavior issues. They work with students to help them achieve better connections in their home and academic life.

School Social Workers

Our compassionate School Social Workers are highly qualified mental health professionals that focus on promoting the health and wellbeing of students. They advocate for the kids they are helping and work with them to overcome emotional, social and behavior problems.

School Counselors

Our School Counselors work in conjunction with teachers to remove learning barriers, so their students are academically and emotionally successful. Their proactive approach helps students prepare for our ever-changing world.

Sign Language Interpreters

Having a virtual Sign Language Interpreter helps students navigate the classroom much easier. Our interpreters help deaf and hard of hearing students by accurately translating teachers’ lessons and classroom discussions.

Occupational Therapists

VocoVision Occupational Therapists help children meet their full potential so they can participate in their desired school activities. They virtually complete evaluations and assessments to determine students’ annual goals and help achieve them.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Regardless of a child’s vision impairment, they should receive a quality education. Our Teachers of the Visually Impaired ensure that their students are receiving the education they deserve by providing screening, evaluations and modification the student may need.

Special Education Teachers

Students who have learning disabilities can count on our Special Education Teachers to help them be successful in the classroom. Our teachers create specialized lesson plans on a variety of subjects that help their students learn in a way that helps them most.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teachers

Our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teachers develop personalized IEP plans to help their students develop communication skills, so they are socially and academically successful.

Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts

Every child is different, and our Behavioral Analysts understand that. Our professionals work with students who have developmental disabilities, brain injuries and behavior issues by observing and assessing their behavior. They work with parents and school professionals on plans for appropriate care and treatment.

Educational Tutors

Our Educational Tutors work with students in general education or special education classes. Our 1:1 tutoring sessions are focused on a variety of subjects including Reading, Math, Science and more.

Physical Therapists

Our dedicated Physical Therapists help children with their physical movement, supporting them as they transition throughout the school during the day. Online physical therapy typically includes on-screen assessment and video exercises.