Imagine what your school could accomplish if students received the mental health and behavior help they need. At VocoVision, we make this possible - remotely! If your school is having trouble hiring on-site, our virtual services can connect your students with quality school psychologists.

What do school psychologists do?

Every student should have access to a school psychologist so they can receive direct support for their mental and emotional needs. However, a school psychologist does more than just provide support to students. Using their special skill set, a school psych acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, and administrators. Their collaboration is key for the implementation of school policies, treatment strategies, and community programs. The role of remote school psychologist doesn’t differ from an in-person provider, they still perform the same tasks including:

  • Encourage student engagement
  • Perform psychological assessments
  • Create personalized intervention plans
  • Monitor progress
  • Foster peer relationships
  • Promote communication skills
  • Improve coping skills
  • Evaluate learning needs
  • Implement school policies

How does telepractice school psychology work

Teletherapy school psychologists operate very similar, if not the same, to traditional, in-person psychologists. Evaluations and assessments of students are always conducted through a live teleconference with a highly-qualified school psychologist. School psychologists working remotely meet virtually with parents, teachers, and administrators to keep them updated with students’ progress and comprehensive treatment plans. All involved parties, from teachers to administrators to students are shown how to operate VocoVision’s easy-to-use teletherapy technology, so student progress is never delayed.

Benefits of teletherapy school psychologists for schools

In the past, it may have been difficult to find and hire school psychologists due to the location of your school district, or perhaps the schools within your district that are vastly spread apart. When you work with a school psychologist through VocoVision’s teletherapy technology, these obstacles are eliminated. Additionally, the pool of qualified contractors increases from your local surroundings to the entire country, giving you a pick at some of the most talented professionals.

Hire a teletherapy school psychologist

All of VocoVision’s school psychologists possess the required levels of education and certifications. Access the full potential of your students and connect them with a VocoVision school psychologist.

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Working as a teletherapy school psychologist

Now is the time to break down barriers and inspire students across the country. Start your new career as a virtual school psychologist today.

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