The Pros and Cons of Being a Remote School Psychologist

A school psychologist is a vital member of a school community, however, not every school has a school psychologist. As students continue to navigate anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders that can negatively impact their well-being, academic progress, and future livelihood, school psychologists are more necessary than ever. The good news? Schools are determined to hire them!

Remote school psychologist jobs offer a potential panacea for the national school psychologist shortage and even virtually, psychologists can fulfill the same obligations as their in-person counterparts. As with all professions, there are pros and cons, and we’re sharing both below to help you decide which school psychologist setting is ideal for you.

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Five Ways We Can Support Student Mental Health in the Classroom

World Mental Health Day (2022) is an excellent reminder to teachers and school-based professionals of the importance of the overall well-being of our students and the relationship of student mental health to overall academic success.

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5 Simple Tips for Effective School Leadership

Another school year is upon us, and with another year of school comes another opportunity to reestablish goals and realign priorities. To streamline decision-making and increase teacher and staff engagement, it is important to follow these 5 simple tips for effective school leadership: 

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3 Tips for Improving Communication in Your School

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes 

Communication is critical for any and every leader. With all that you have on your plate as a school leader, sometimes it is difficult to communicate effectively and clearly to your teachers and staff. Great leaders are also great communicators who ask questions, facilitate dialogue, and listen carefully. Here are 3 tips for improving communication in your school: 

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The Pros of Using Virtual Educators to Help Fill Vacancies

More than half of public schools currently report full-or-part time vacancies. Is your school one of them? There’s a better way. 

With virtual educators and teleservices, your school or district can have direct access to a national network of the most qualified educators and therapists across the U.S. Here are a few of the significant pros of using virtual educators to help fill vacancies: 

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How to Enhance Well-being in Your Schools

Well-being is critical to address in today’s learning environments. 

50% of mental illness begins by age 14, and 25% begins by age 24. 

Those are the critical years that most people are in education. 

Without student well-being, it is challenging for students to flourish in their education and for learning to reach its full potential. Here are a few ways that you, as a school leader, can start leading the charge to enhance well-being in your school: 

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5 Tips for School Leaders Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

Across the country, school leaders are preparing for the upcoming school year with new approaches. The last few years have been nothing short of challenging for the education industry with unpredictable circumstances, and many schools going in and out of virtual learning settings. As leaders prepare for this year, here are a few tips for success: 

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The Benefits of Using VocoVision Teleservices for Your School District

As a superintendent, principal, special education director, or school leader, you understand how difficult it can be to meet the needs of each student in your district or school. 

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The Innovative Solution You Need for School Staffing Shortages

The last few years have been some of the toughest in education to date, with school staffing shortages being more prevalent than ever before. 

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Allyson’s Story: Speech-Language Pathologist

Providing teleservices is a career that can create a meaningful impact on children all over the country. At VocoVision, we have a team of telepractitioners that have different interests, come from different backgrounds, and all decided to land in teleservices for different reasons, but their impact remains the same – they can help children reach their full potential from around the U.S.

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