VocoVision Ranked A Top Company Hiring For Part-time Remote Jobs

VocoVision was recently ranked #2 on the Top 30 Companies Hiring For Part-Time Remote Jobs In 2019. Working a remote, part-time position can offer many benefits including flexibility, the comfort of working from your own home and more.

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#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLI Brianne

That’s right, it’s time for another exciting #WhereWeWork feature! This week, Brianne – a skilled sign language interpreter – gives an honest account of her journey into teletherapy with VocoVision. If you’ve ever considered working as a tele-interpreter, Brianne’s story might give you some inspiration to take that leap – read on and see for yourself!

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Sign Language Gloves as Assistive Communication Devices

People often think sign language is exclusively used by the deaf and hard of hearing community. While they are certainly the majority of sign language users, speech therapy often utilizes sign language to help children and adults who are suffering from a range of conditions. Patients with apraxia show an increased eagerness to vocalize new words. Evidence indicates it does not slow down speech development, and may actually improve cognition. While the field of speech and language acknowledges sign language can support normal language development in children with speech delays, parents often need more convincing. Read More

Sign Language Interpreters for Rural School Districts

Imagine the sound for your television suddenly went away and you couldn’t hear anything the people were saying. You could see what was going on but you had no idea if something was being said by a character off screen and you would have no way of knowing exactly what was happening. How well do you think you would follow the plot from your favorite show? How well do you think you would be able to follow a presidential debate? That is how hearing impaired people feel all the time, except it is not limited to a favorite program being muted. Read More