FM System For Hearing Impaired Students In The Classroom

Mother helping to her son to finish homework.

Are you currently using FM Systems for the hearing impaired in your classroom? FM Systems are an assistive technology device for the hearing impaired and Deaf that has many benefits in the classroom from improving students listening ability by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio to allowing the listener to block out background noise better. Read more to discover if using an FM System for Deaf students in your classroom is right for you.

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How to Become a Sign Language Interpreter

Are you considering a career as a sign language interpreter for schools? Becoming a sign language interpreter may be the best choice you ever make. Read on to find out what skills are required and how to become an ASL interpreter.

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#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – SLI Brianne

That’s right, it’s time for another exciting #WhereWeWork feature! This week, Brianne – a skilled sign language interpreter – gives an honest account of her journey into teletherapy with VocoVision. If you’ve ever considered working as a tele-interpreter, Brianne’s story might give you some inspiration to take that leap – read on and see for yourself!

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