World Braille Day (January 4th) – History & Activities

Braille is more than a way for people who are blind or visually impaired to read and communicate. It is an important tool that helps them to function in the world and live a life of independence.

Unfortunately, braille literacy is declining, and it has never been more important to draw attention to it. World Braille Day is the perfect way to raise awareness and celebrate the doors that it opens.

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3 Ways TVI Telepractitioners Can Help Visually Impaired Children at Home

There are many students with visual impairments in the United States who need support from a TVI. The availability of telepractice for visually impaired children opens up opportunities for both the TVI as well as the children who need help. In this blog post, learn more about the causes of visual impairments and how teachers of the visually impaired can support their students at home when receiving telepractice services

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#WhereWeWork Teletherapist Feature – TVI Leslie

Teletherapy is growing at a rapid speed, yet a lot of clinicians, schools, parents, and even the general public are unfamiliar with how it works and why it’s effective. Instead of pulling research and data, we decided to give you a firsthand opinion from the best source – our teletherapists! The clinicians who are virtually providing therapy, navigating and mastering the VocoVision platform, independently managing a caseload or class of students from home, and communicating virtually with every staff member, parent, and teacher are the best resources for learning all about teletherapy. Our #WhereWeWork series is meant to provide info from a clinician’s point of view on what it’s like to work as a teletherapist and what makes their workspace different from an on-site therapist.

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