Wherever your school or district is located, a connection with a qualified, experienced telepractitioner can help your students and their families reach a world of new opportunities, possibilities and untapped potential.

Telehealth School Based Physical Therapy

When you are looking for school based physical therapy providers, you want only the best for your school community. VocoVision specializes in telehealth and physical therapy, providing superior specialists to work with your students remotely.

What does a school district physical therapist do?

Physical therapists are related service providers who ensure that students have access to their educational program.

So, exactly what do physical therapists do in schools? PTs focus on the physical movement of students, supporting them as they transition between different settings throughout the school day. These specialists’ overarching goal is to support students so they fully benefit from their educational program. Some key responsibilities include modifying physical environments to improve student access, suggesting accommodations to help students meet IEP and other goals, and informing school staff of various strategies to increase student participation.

With technology today, virtual physical therapy visits can enhance traditional roles, as well.

How does telehealth physical therapy work?

Telehealth physical therapy involves the specialist providing similar services, only remotely. Many in-person therapy programs and activities transfer well to a remote setting. An online physical therapy treatment may include on-screen assessments and video exercises. Therapists provide these same evidence-based tasks and programs virtually, and students can complete them at home or school. Therapy can be a mixture of primarily live instruction (synchronous) combined with video activities (asynchronous) for patients to complete.

Research shows that telehealth physical therapy is as effective as in-person programs. Much of the treatment involves the analysis of people’s movements, which is easily accomplished via videoconferencing. On-screen assessments are continually improving and now provide therapists powerful and dynamic tools to help measure patient progress.

Benefits of online physical therapists in schools

In-person physical therapists serve a critical role in schools. Recently, though, as more people have shifted to remote interactions, professionally and socially, the benefits of virtual therapy have skyrocketed. Telehealth for physical therapy is a viable alternative to in-person services and is in many ways superior. Physical and geographic restrictions that once existed with in-person services are no longer an issue. As long as both parties involved have a computer and internet connectivity, the PT can deliver the services. Time previously spent driving and waiting can now be optimized to provide therapy. The value of physical therapy is not diminished remotely and in fact, may prove to be more potent than in-person.

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