Flexibility is possible with our virtual sign language interpreters. From the classroom to one-on-one interactions, our professionals can shadow deaf and hard of hearing students, but in a more discreet manner.

What does a sign language interpreter do?

A sign language interpreter, specifically in the school setting, allows students who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand the spoken language from their teachers, peers, and administrators. Sign language interpreters, also known as SLIs, can operate in either a group setting or in a one-on-one environment. They also typically do not work with more than two students at a time, so they remain available throughout the students’ day. Besides knowing sign language, SLIs are expected to excel in listening, memorizing, and communicating.


Similar to an in-person interpreter, an online sign language interpreter shadows deaf and hard of hearing students throughout the day, only this time through a mobile device. Through the use of VocoVision technology, our sign language interpreters can stay connected with your students for both academic and extra-curricular activities. VocoVision’s platform offers flexible solutions that the SLI can observe both the student and the classroom at the same time. Our screen-sharing technology also permits the teleinterpreter to take documents that the teacher has shared and present them right on the student’s device. This allows them to clarify or highlight specific information to the child.

Benefits of an online sign language interpreter for schools

Having video remote interpreting services for your school has some very unique benefits that make it an especially effective method of interpretation. Our technology allows for constant connection between a student and their SLI while being less intrusive than in-person interpreting, so other students are not distracted. Additionally, students that require an interpreter often prefer carrying a device around instead of the traditional onsite interpreter. On top of that, using remote sign language interpreters increases your pool of qualified applicants and removes physical location an obstacle for hiring.

Hire an online sign language interpreter for your school

When you partner with VocoVision’s online sign language interpreters, not only are you receiving access to highly-qualified, vetted professionals but you are setting your students up to realize their fullest potential. Our remote SLI services will help your deaf and hard of hearing students receive a less-intrusive form interpretation that they need. And don’t worry – our credentialing network will handle all of the licensing requirements for your district.

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Working as a teletherapy SLI

You can now have the ability to reach students across the country in need of your interpretation. Join the VocoVision network today as a remote sign language interpreter.

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