When partnering with VocoVision as a telepractitioner, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with students all over the country—students who need access to your services—as well as the opportunity to work from anywhere and have more control over your schedule.


Telepractice allows you to work from home, have more control over your schedule, and get more time for yourself, your family, and the things you enjoy outside of your job.

Consistent Schedule

When you become a VocoVision teletherapist, you have a consistent school-based schedule based on agreed-upon availability and you work those hours throughout your teletherapy assignment.

Training & Support

Be part of a forward-thinking team that is always there to encourage you. You have the backing of our clinical and technical teams to help you transfer your skills to a virtual environment.

A Day in the Life of a VocoVision Teletherapist

As a VocoVision teletherapist, your day will look a lot like that of a typical on-site therapist, with the added benefit of working from home and having more opportunities to connect with students who need you. You have more flexibility to build a schedule that works for your life, so you have time to do the things you love outside of work. But at VocoVision, flexible doesn’t mean inconsistent. With us, you have contracted hours that you can count on that remain consistent for the duration of your assignment. As a VocoVision teletherapist, you get to conduct meaningful work, reach your goals, and create a personal and professional life you love.

Perks of Working with VocoVision


Achieve work-life balance by working from home, giving you more time in your day to do the things you love, beyond your job.


With VocoVision, you can work with our team to create a schedule that works for you and the availability to work across time zones allows for even more options.

Consistent Hours

All our teletherapists have the security of contracted hours based on an agreed-upon schedule, meaning you'll have consistent hours you can count on.

Pay for Direct & Indirect Services

We understand that as a school-based therapist the job includes more than just providing therapy to students, that's why we pay you for both direct and indirect services.

More Job Opportunities

With a wide range of school-based job openings across the country, opportunities are everywhere to serve students who need access to your passion, your support, and your skills.

Clinical Training & Support

We have a specially trained in-house clinical team that will provide training on virtual services delivery methods and provide ongoing clinical support throughout your assignment.

Technical Training & Support

Our highly skilled technical team will be there to guide you on virtual best practices and provide tech support for the duration of your assignment.

Comprehensive Therapy Toolkit

We offer an extensive bank of regularly updated training videos, learning units, and standardized testing kits, plus proprietary therapy, intervention, and teaching materials.

Innovative Telepractice Platform

Our proprietary teletherapy platform combines a professional, HIPPA, and FERPA compliant videoconferencing tool with scheduling and therapy tools in one easy-to-use platform.


Teletherapy Toolkit

Telepractice FAQS

What does it take to become a VocoVision teletherapist?

We’re looking for passionate, forward-thinking, and experienced speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, school social workers, sign language interpreters, occupational therapists, teachers of the visually impaired, special education teachers, deaf & hard of hearing teachers, as well as other educational professionals.

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What are the licensure requirements?

Teletherapy requirements for licensure include being licensed in the state where you are providing services to the school district, as well as the state you are living in. Valid state licenses are preferred, but we can connect you to credentialing professionals to help guide you through the licensure process.

What equipment do I need?

Teletherapy equipment needed for services includes a high-speed internet connection and a laptop or computer with a webcam, speakers, and a headset.

Do I need prior telepractice experience?

No, not at all. Even if you’ve never worked in a telepractice role before, we have online teletherapy training courses in place to help you effectively transition your skills to an online setting. In addition, we have technical and clinical teams to support your needs and help you build your teletherapy skills.

Do I need a specific skill set?

We’re looking for certified and licensed clinicians that have at least 2 years of school-based experience, but we are here to help you transition your therapy skills to an online setting. Beyond those requirements, we have a simple, 4-step tech screening process where we will verify that your internet speed data, computer, and basic technical abilities are met.

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