At VocoVision, our focus is to find imaginative solutions to help with your school’s biggest challenges. One of these solutions is our virtual occupational therapy services. This service allows your students to connect with licensed occupational therapists, so they don’t miss out on the services they need most.

What does an occupational therapist do?

For an educational team to provide complete and comprehensive services to students, there must be an occupational therapist contributing as part of the group. Occupational therapists help students partake in day to day activities that a student might be involved in. They ensure that students who need assistance can fully participate in a school setting and have an equal opportunity to succeed academically and socially.

How does occupational therapy online work?

VocoVision’s online occupational therapists can provide a wide range of services including consultation, evaluation, monitoring, supervision, and intervention. Using remote technology, remote occupational therapists can observe a student in the classroom unobtrusively and offer strategies so that teachers can help the child with the use of self-regulation skills, have more appropriate interactions with peers, or increase participation in activities. VocoVision’s technology allows OTs to virtually evaluate areas including:

  • Fine motor and visual skills
  • Wheelchair prescriptions
  • Neurological assessments
  • Adaptive equipment prescriptions
  • Ergonomic assessments

When not working directly with students, teleservice occupational therapy providers can work with teachers and administrators to monitor, supervise, and implement treatment plans for students.

Benefits of telehealth occupational therapy for schools

Districts located in more remote areas may find it difficult to find qualified occupational therapists in their area that are actively seeking new jobs. However, when you partner with VocoVision you are gaining access to hundreds of talented occupational therapists across the country. Once an OT is placed, they can easily serve the students of your district without having to worry about traveling between locations. Teletherapy even has full support from The American Occupational Therapy Association as an effective method of treatment.

Hire an online occupational therapist for your school

VocoVision’s remote occupational therapists are not only properly licensed and credentialed, but they are also fully dedicated and committed to helping your students succeed. Partnering with VocoVision’s virtual occupational therapists is a promise to your students that they will receive the services they need to excel academically, socially, and physically.

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Working as a teletherapy occupational therapist

Connect with the students and children who need you most, no matter their location and begin your career as an occupational therapy telepracitioner now.

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