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Our Approach to Speech Therapy in Los Angeles

VocoVision has garnered over ten years of experience in the world of teletherapy. Once we saw that some students and children were being denied the therapy services they need, simply because they couldn’t find a provider in their area, we knew we had to change something. Fast forward to today and we are now a leader in teletherapy and distance learning that specializes in a variety of therapy services, including speech therapy. Not only does VocoVision offer a solution to staffing remote areas, but we also work with some of the most highly qualified therapists and educators around. Our national network of eager and dedicated providers allows us to connect children with the services they need anywhere in the country.

Benefits of Teletherapy in Los Angeles

Teletherapy for speech therapy and other disciplines has seen major growth since its inception, and this growth doesn’t seem to be slow. While the initial use of this video conferencing technology was used to reach those in more remote areas of the country, speech teletherapy is now very common in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. Part of the reason for this increase can simply be attributed to the effectiveness of teletherapy.

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) has granted teletherapy as an effective method of speech therapy. But the benefits don’t stop at its effectiveness either. Online, in home speech therapy in Los Angeles allows for more flexibility so children aren’t as time-restricted and can receive the services they need. This offers great convenience to parents and school districts. As previously mentioned, teletherapy increases the talent pool of qualified candidates from your zip code to the entire country. This breakdown of geographical barriers gives you access to some of the best speech therapists in Los Angles and across the country.

The numbers can back this up too. VocoVision has already performed over 1.6 million individual teletherapy sessions, worked with over 40,000 children, and helped over 350 school districts. These numbers are also continuing to grow as teletherapy becomes more and more popular.

Overcome Challenges with Speech Therapy in Los Angeles

VocoVision’s LA speech therapy professionals can diagnose and provide their services for a wide variety of speech and communication disorders. As a virtual speech therapy school in Los Angeles, our teletherapists can help with the following:

Articulation Disorders

When children have difficulties controlling the movement of their mouths, lips, and tongue in tandem, these types of movement issues can be improved upon teletherapy sessions with VocoVision’s SLPs. While a treatment plan varies from child to child, a telespeech therapist can help a child differentiate between incorrect and correct sounds through demonstration.


Apraxia speech therapy in Los Angeles is a solution for children who struggle to produce speech because of motor control and planning issues. After diagnosing and assessing, VocoVision’s speech teletherapists can help these children by offering treatment unique to each child’s needs.

Auditory Processing Disorders

When a child has difficulty recognizing different nuances in words and sounds, they may have some form of an auditory processing disorder, commonly known as APD. If a child or student struggles with an APD then they might also have difficulty processing speech from other people. To treat this issue, VocoVision’s teletherapy SLPs help these children improve upon not only their listening abilities but also their speaking skills

Autism Spectrum Disorders

There is great variation among children with autism spectrum disorders. With this variation comes the need for very individualized speech therapy. Our speech teletherapists will not only help assess the degree to which therapy is needed but then create a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates the help from parents and other educators.

Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Students and children with a Cognitive-Communication Disorder need assistance with verbal and non-verbal cues, assessment of socially appropriate conversations, and utilizing their communication abilities to properly express themselves. Our virtual SLPs can not only assist children with these struggles but also help them retain the information they learned.

Fluency (Stuttering)

When a child struggles with fluency in their speech, they can feel the effects socially and academically. Our teletherapists will work to address with a fully encompassing therapy approach that targets more than the child’s motor control abilities.

Developmental Disabilities

Like most communication disorders, there is a wide variety of developmental disabilities that call for varying levels of intervention. Our SLPs assess each child individually to create the best possible plan of action.

Language Impairments

Children may struggle with certain language components due to receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language disorders. These disorders can in turn affect a child’s ability to communicate not only in school but inside their home. After being individually assessed by a teletherapist, virtual speech therapy can greatly benefit these children by allowing them to excel in all different aspects of their life.

Literacy & Written Language

Even though reading and speaking are very connected to one another, speech therapists are in such high demand they are asked by the districts they work into focusing on a child’s speaking ability. Our telespeech providers can give your children the necessary fundamentals in phonological rules and speech sounds to better understand the written word.

Voice or Resonance Disorders

Dealing with voice or resonance disorders typically requires collaboration with other professionals to fully understand the level of treatment required for a child. Our remote speech-language pathologists can oversee this encompassing treatment to help your child succeed academically and socially.

Other speech conditions

Speech therapy for kids in Los Angeles can help improve many speech conditions that impact a child’s ability to communicate. Whatever it may be, our virtual SLPs can assess, diagnose, and offer a treatment plan that will let your child thrive.

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