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Our Approach to Speech Therapy in San Francisco

Since VocoVision’s inception in 2010, we have been pioneers in the virtual therapy world with the main goal of providing school districts and parents access to child and pediatric speech therapy, regardless of their physical location. Today, VocoVision has conducted over 1.6 million individual online therapy sessions and physical boundaries are no longer an obstacle. Since we have eliminated the need for a speech therapist to be in-person with your child, you now gain access to a much larger pool of highly qualified SLPs, for the absolute best speech therapy in San Francisco. VocoVision’s vetting and onboarding team ensures that your child is working with some of the most talented professionals in the country.

Benefits of Teletherapy in San Francisco

Virtual speech therapy is becoming an increasingly popular method of treatment for children with varying levels of need, especially now that teletherapy has full backing from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Originally, teletherapy was introduced to school districts that were located in remote or rural areas. Finding talented speech therapists and other professionals was difficult because of a limited candidate pool. Teletherapy instantly offered a solution to these geographical obstacles and connected children with speech therapists from across the country.

However, teletherapy offers other benefits besides a solution to sourcing talented therapists in hard-to-reach places. Now, children in large cities can also benefit from the use of virtual speech therapy, even though they don’t face the same issues a remote area might. For example, utilizing an at-home speech therapist in San Francisco is an excellent way to work around a child or parent’s busy schedule. Additionally, even though a city like San Francisco might have a large pool of SLPs, when you go virtual, this talent pool is increased to the entire country. As a parent or school district, this means you conveniently have access to speech therapy in San Francisco while working with some of the most talented speech teletherapists in the country.

Overcome Challenges with Speech Therapy in San Francisco

Work with us to find the right therapist—anywhere in the country—to address your child's specific therapeutic needs, including:

Articulation Disorders

Children with articulation disorders tend to have a difficult time coordinating their mouth and tongue while they communicate. These motor control issues are something that VocoVision’s teletherapists can address during their virtual therapy sessions.


Apraxia of speech affects how children produce speech due to coordination or motor planning issues. Our teletherapists in San Francisco can help your child succeed by providing individualized treatment that does not interfere with their classroom participation.

Auditory Processing Disorders

Auditory processing disorders (ADP) impact a child’s ability to communicate because it affects their ability to hear minor differences in sounds. When children struggle to hear these differences, making out words can prove to be difficult. VocoVision’s teletherapists will work with these children to improve their listening and conversation skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The amount and type of therapy required for children with autism spectrum disorders varies greatly. As therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders is so individualized, our virtual SLPs will first diagnose and assess your child, then create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Cognitive-communication disorders tend to affect a child’s ability to interpret verbal and non-verbal cues. This will impact their ability to properly assess social interactions and their ability to determine what is and isn’t appropriate for conversation. VocoVision’s teletherapists in San Francisco work with their students to help them effectively communicate.

Fluency (Stuttering)

It is not uncommon for a child to struggle with stuttering. Fluency issues can impact a child’s confidence in their ability to speak which can affect their academic and social success. Our teletherapists will address their fluency disorder with a multitude of different approaches to create the best possible outcome.

Developmental Disabilities

Since there is a wide variety of developmental disabilities, effective methods of speech therapy vary greatly as well. For our virtual SLPs to address a child’s developmental disability, they will first assess their speech and language abilities to then create an individual treatment plan.

Language Impairments

Children can have language impairments such as pragmatic, expressive, or receptive disorders. These different types of impairments impact a child’s ability with different language components. An at-home speech therapist will help a child improve their communication skills by focusing on target areas the child may struggle with.

Literacy & Written Language

A child’s ability to read and write is directly related to the way they speak and communicate. VocoVision’s teletherapist will assess your child’s understanding of speech sounds and phonological rules and create a plan of action to help them improve their writing and literacy skills.

Voice or Resonance Disorders

Dealing with voice or resonance disorders typically requires collaboration with other professionals to fully understand the level of treatment required for a child. Our remote speech-language pathologists can oversee this encompassing treatment to help your child succeed academically and socially.

If your child has any voice or resonance disorders it is important that they are addressed by a speech therapist so they can thrive socially and academically. Our teletherapists will evaluate their individual needs and then implement an effective treatment plan.

Other speech conditions

Speech therapy for kids in San Francisco can drastically improve their quality of life regardless of what speech condition or impairment they have. Our teletherapists are experts in diagnosing, assessing and treating a plethora of different speech disorders.

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