Speech Teletherapy Materials & Equipment for SLPs

By: VocoVision
Teletherapy Speech Therapy Equipment

Making the switch from traditional speech therapy to teletherapy can seem overwhelming at first. It’s important for clinicians to understand how to seamlessly transition their traditional speech therapy session plans into telespeech sessions, along with obtaining the right materials, technology, and equipment. Let’s start off with some of the common questions and answers.

Will SLPs need to provide their own teletherapy laptops and headsets?

The short answer is yes, but before you start calculating costs, you most likely already own much of the “equipment” needed for teletherapy already. Test this by looking around your home when you have a chance. Do you have a computer or laptop? Do you have a webcam (either built into your laptop or as an add-on)? Do you have a headset or headphones with a microphone? Is your home internet service reliable? If you’ve answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you are ready to start your search for SLP teletherapy jobs, unless you have a strong desire to upgrade your devices or internet.

What equipment do SLPs need to practice successfully?

As stated above, teletherapists simply need a computer with webcam capabilities, reliable home internet (most telecom providers offer a stable amount for a strong connection, even at the lowest tier), and a headset just in case your microphone and speakers are hard to hear without it. If any of these are lacking, or if you need to upgrade any of them, make sure you keep your receipts, as it could qualify as a business expense on your tax return. Confirm with your accountant or a tax expert on specifics.

Best speech materials for online sessions?

This is a great area to get creative with planning since so many activities and resources can be found online. VocoVision offers a Toolkit to our team members with some great resources that can be used during intervention.  More importantly, our versatile platform lets clinicians access the wide spectrum of digital and physical tools that they would use if they were practicing onsite.  This is particularly helpful as we coordinate with other educators to connect to classroom communication and the language of our students’ curriculum.

Are there any other resources for SLPs transitioning to telepractice?

VocoVision has a clinical team to help with therapy and assessment tips, and a technical office team to assist with software set up and connection processes. We are dedicated to making sure our clinicians, especially those starting their first assignment in telepractice, feel confident and comfortable before they start.

Along with our support team, there are so many resources out there for teletherapists. We strongly recommend engaging with ASHA’s special interest group focused on telepractice (SIG 18).

Besides all these support methods, there are a number of blogs from experienced teletherapists that are open to the public, along with forums and groups on social media. With this being a remote way of providing therapy, you can only imagine the amount of remote support across the globe!

Are you a speech therapist interested in teletherapy? We have multiple opportunities arising throughout the year. Click here to check out our newest positions.

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