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September 16, 2016By: VocoVision

Teletherapy is growing at a rapid speed, yet a lot of clinicians, schools, parents, and even the general public are unfamiliar with how it works and why it’s effective. Instead of pulling research and data, we decided to give you a firsthand opinion from the best source – our teletherapists! The clinicians who are virtually providing therapy, navigating and mastering the VocoVision platform, independently managing a caseload or class of students from home, and communicating virtually with every staff member, parent, and teacher are the best resources for learning all about teletherapy. Our #WhereWeWork series is meant to provide info from a clinician’s point of view on what it’s like to work as a teletherapist and what makes their workspace different from an on-site therapist.

It’s surprising to know that teletherapy can be used for almost any specialty, such as instructing visually impaired students. Leslie, one of our team’s biggest supporters of teletherapy, agreed with enthusiasm to share what it’s like working with VocoVision in order to spread awareness and info about teletherapy. She explains her role as a tele-Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) along with why she loves her job:

“For me, the most important factor in providing teletherapy to visually impaired students is helping students, teachers, families and specialists in areas where there may not be a TVI available.  There is currently a national shortage of Teachers of the Visually Impaired.  With VocoVision, I can connect with districts and counties that have no TVI and researching resources on visual impairments can be time consuming.  The thought of students not having access to services or resources is an extremely powerful motivator for me to provide teletherapy services.

Many of my students love to be online with their Vision Teacher.  Assistive Technology is an integral part of their curriculum and Voco gives us a platform to teach technology by having them use technology.  I currently teach students how to use iPad applications specifically designed for low vision users.  I can demonstrate apps by mirroring my iPad on to a shared screen with my student.  [Because of this method] they are getting a personal demonstration and can practice using the app during our lesson.  I love it when students report back to me that they had success using their device in the classroom.  I am also able to troubleshoot problems they may be having during a VocoVision session.

I have been able to participate in IEP meetings, parent meetings and brainstorming sessions via VocoVision.  I feel like I am part of the team of professionals in the districts I serve and offer my expertise in Visual Impairments to a team that otherwise may not have the resources.  Parents are always grateful to have a TVI available for questions, and I appreciate being a resource to teachers and paraprofessionals.  The collaboration model with IEP team members has worked very well using VocoVision.

VocoVision offers flexibility, and I am able to work with districts to create a schedule that fits my needs as well as the student.  I have regularly scheduled students that I meet with weekly or monthly, but I am also available should a situation come up that needs immediate attention.  The ability to work from home while providing a needed service is a winning combination.

Leslie where we work quote

It has been fantastic to have a team of professionals and students who are 2500 miles away, but still feel like a part of their team.  I’ve developed relationships with the students, parents, teachers and specialists.  I am able to collaborate and share my experiences and knowledge in a field where there is no teacher available.  I enjoy meeting the students and developing a student-teacher relationship online.  I look forward to working with my Voco family.”

Leslie is in her third school year as a team member of VocoVision. She currently resides in California and provides services to students and schools in both Nevada and Alaska.

Curious about teletherapy? Want to explore a different type of work and love your job as much as Leslie does? Check out our latest school teletherapy opportunities right here!

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