VocoVision Appoints Jamie Bozarth as Newest Clinical Manager

Bozarth to oversee and support the delivery of deaf and hard of hearing and special education teletherapy services for children.

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FM System For Hearing Impaired Students In The Classroom

Are you currently using FM Systems for the hearing impaired in your classroom? FM Systems are an assistive technology device for the hearing impaired and Deaf that has many benefits in the classroom from improving students listening ability by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio to allowing the listener to block out background noise better. Read more to discover if using an FM System for Deaf students in your classroom is right for you.

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Latest & Greatest Assistive Technology for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

There is an ever-expanding array of assistive technology available to help those who are deaf or hard of hearing. These tools can help students in both traditional and virtual school and therapy services better access, understand, and succeed in the classroom. Learn more in our article.

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Headphone Safety Tips for Online Learning & Teletherapy

In order to ensure headphone safety, being aware of the type of headphones children are using, how long they are wearing their headphones, as well as the volume at which they are listening is incredibly important. In a teletherapy environment, child hearing protection is an essential part of maintaining a safe and effective learning environment.

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Hearing Assistive Technology: Aids, BAHA & CI

There are many different types of technology available for those with hearing loss. But, what exactly are the pros and cons of each type? This blog will give you an overview of what to expect from Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.

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COVID-19 and the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community

The excitement of autumn is all around us as the leaves begin to change. The cooler weather brings about the anticipation of going back to school, family gatherings, and another year of holidays.  For many of us, these changes are a bit out of the ordinary.  Back to school did not look like past years. Holidays and family gatherings will look different. We all seem to be celebrating Halloween daily. 

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The Connection Between Hearing Problems and Depression

Have you ever considered how much the ability to hear can affect your mental health? What about the health of a loved one?

Nearly 17% of the American population has some type of hearing problem but hasn’t sought treatment. The reasons differ but often lie in not knowing they have a problem to begin with. The ages groups vary but an overwhelming number of aging adults with hearing problems also experience depression. There is also a concern that people who suffer from a hearing problem also have a decline in cognitive function.  Read More