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Put simply, VocoVision is the product of perfectionists, created specifically to solve two inherent problems with therapy today: Lack of access and lack of quality.

Through VocoVision, children who were previously unable to receive integral therapy services, now have access to the world’s most innovative telepractice program, pairing expert Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Sign Language Interpreters, and School Psychologists with the highest level of technological advancements. Way beyond typical video conferencing, VocoVision features high-definition video conferencing with high-fidelity audio to create a live, interactive session that’s proven as effective as in-person therapy.

Real time. Real innovation. Real success.

Within our interactive model, students are captivated through the most engaging games and activities — with no more delays, glitches or fuzzy images. Progress measurement, detailed reports and homework monitoring all come together to make VocoVision more efficient and effective than traditional methods. Telepractice is approved by the American Speech-Languages-Hearing Association as an appropriate model of service.

So join the growing number of therapists, schools and families witnessing children achieve their highest goals, thanks to the VocoVision revolution.

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