With VocoVision, anything is remotely possible.

Regardless of location, VocoVision has experienced professionals who are fully licensed and certified, with the qualifications and specializations you need. They’re passionate and committed to helping students achieve their goals. Our service providers include:

  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • School psychologists
  • Teachers of the visually impaired
  • Teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Physical therapists
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Special education teachers
  • School social workers

How It Works:

  1. It starts by finding and recruiting the country’s most qualified service providers
  2. They’re clinically and technically trained to work successfully as a teletherapist
  3. They get the tools they need to teach, assess, interpret and more
  4. We get to know the needs of your specific district, school and students
  5. Then we connect you with the telepractitioners that fit your needs, regardless of location
  6. You get the right online solution and we train the entire team on how to use it
  7. The result: your own innovative, interactive and effective virtual education solution

With VocoVision, adventure and achievements are limitless. We help create a world that...

Transcends Distance

Innovative technology enables students to make face-to-face connections regardless of their location.

Overcomes Obstacles

Through virtual services, students get the services they need, and school professionals enjoy greater career flexibility.

Empowers Staff

Our telepractioners facilitate effective connections that are enjoyable, interactive and highly effective.

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