Transitioning from In-Person Services to Teletherapy

By: VocoVision

If you have been considering transitioning from in-person services to teletherapy at your school site, now is the time to act. The solution is to find the right combination of expert specialists, a powerful, dynamic platform, and an unyielding commitment to student success.

Making the Transition to Teletherapy

Teletherapy is redefining the possibilities of therapy services for all students. Across a live Internet video feed, clinicians open up a world of unlimited services for your school. This delivery model is surging in popularity. If your school has an Internet connection, teletherapy is a viable and dynamic option for servicing your students. Remote service providing is convenient to schedule and bring stakeholders together. Teletherapy can be utilized in rural schools, where onsite therapy may be challenging to coordinate. Students of any age and grade level can use teletherapy. Schools that are short on specialists for their school can instantly benefit from this technology. Many schools only receive intermittent services, due to their assigned specialists juggling multiple school sites. Remote therapy solves this dilemma. Schools can use teletherapy and modern technology to innovate and reinvigorate their sites. The best reason to incorporate teletherapy services for schools, however, is that it works. Research has shown that it is as effective as in-person service providing, and many more students can directly benefit from it.

Making the transition to teletherapy has never been easier. You are used to high-quality therapists at your site, and remote delivery should be no exception. At VocoVision, we only provide outstanding, highly-trained professionals to supply virtual services to your students. Transitions can be challenging, but we have a seamless process, ensuring that you are up and running immediately. Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, and our dedicated IT team is standing by to guarantee that your transition is smooth and straightforward. Most importantly, your students will thrive from day one of teletherapy, receiving the quality services that they deserve.

Assess Your School’s Needs

The first step in transitioning to teletherapy is to assess your school’s needs. Before choosing a provider, you will need to determine the specific services that your students require. Your students have particular learning needs, and you will need to enlist clinicians that serve those challenges. Teletherapists operate in several fields and can cater to students of many different backgrounds. Adhering to research-based best practices, IEP objectives, with the goal of optimal child-specific outcomes, our professional clinicians deliver exceptional services to schools.

VocoVision matches only the most-qualified remote clinicians with schools. Our Speech Language Pathologists are experts in their field and service students with multiple language and speech challenges. Some of your students may have obstacles with articulation, phonology, fluency, literacy, and written language. Others may compete with language impairments, apraxia, or autism spectrum disorders. Each of these challenges is unique, with its own set of appropriate services and solutions. SLPs at VocoVision are adept at helping students achieve optimal outcomes, and the value of our teletherapy services lies within our delivery model. SLPs and other experts use the powerful VocoVision platform to provide not only videoconferencing interaction but also the many resources and interactive tools available to serve the students. Additionally, our remote SLPs work with school site personnel to assist students who utilize the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system.

Our virtual occupational therapists also offer a full suite of services. OTs’ roles include consultation, evaluation, client monitoring, supervision, and intervention. In remote consultation, interaction is less intrusive than physical observation thanks to distance technology. Many forms of remote assessment can be completed efficiently and reliably. Our remote OTs can serve needs that onsite clinicians provide.

VocoVision’s teachers of the visually impaired (TVI) incorporate technology to provide services to students seamlessly. Using videoconferencing and online technology, TVIs can actively join in remote observation, provide professional feedback, participate in IEP meetings, parent consultations, and be valuable members of the team supporting students with visual impairments.

Our remote school psychologists have a critical role in schools, offering expert consultation, evaluation, intervention, and progress monitoring. Evidence backs up the efficacy of remote teletherapy, including in psychology, and VocoVision’s school psychologists provide excellent service delivery to students.

Through the use of Video Remote Interpretation, or VRI, a groundbreaking mobile technology, sign language interpreters at VocoVision can offer exceptional assistance. SLIs can help facilitate the delivery of instruction so that deaf/hard of hearing students can have full access to materials just as their peers receive.

Confirm the Teletherapy Provider’s Experience and Expertise

Once you have made the critical decision to transition to teletherapy, it is essential to make sure that you choose the right provider. You are entrusting professionals to deliver services that will determine your students’ success, expertly. Specialists need to be highly qualified, proficiently trained, and fully credentialed. Your students deserve the absolute best service delivery available: which is where VocoVision comes in.

VocoVision only provides schools with outstanding clinicians and specialists. We have strict credentialing requirements for all applicants to our positions. Our thorough application and interview process ensure that we hire only top-notch professionals, fully licensed and practiced in their delivery of services. Our specialists are then trained intensively in delivering these services remotely.

Narrow Down Your School’s Preferred Teletherapy Platform Features

Your school has been providing services to students consistently, and you have a good idea of what you will need in a teletherapy provider. Transitioning from onsite therapy to the teletherapy model involves new changes and adjustments. There are certain features that you require of the platform that you decide to use.

One crucial feature you may desire in your teletherapy provider is a secure platform. VocoVision uses advanced technology to protect its network and connection. Your data, student privacy, and legally-sensitive video meetings are all secure. HIPAA compliance is likely near the top of your list, as well. With our HIPAA-compliant secure login system, you can be confident that student health records and sensitive data are fully protected. We establish individual private meeting rooms: a must for students, both for confidentiality and to facilitate the best possible outcome for each session with students. Security in communication is paramount, and we integrate high-level security measures to protect IM and video interaction.

Different services require various amounts of time to complete. As a result, we do not put limits on sessions. We provide the services that students need to receive, no matter the number or time of sessions. Here at VocoVision, you will also see how simple it is to track and monitor your student’s services. Our platform is organized for ease of use and fluid interaction. Session logs are transparent and readily available. Our professional clinicians conduct detailed, clear notes that you will have access to regarding children at your school. Goal notes are incorporated into the platform, as well. Our specialists are held accountable at all times and are subject to administrative oversight at any time. Sessions are cataloged and monitored in real-time to ensure proper and expert service delivery.

Another feature you should look for in your teletherapy platform is customer support. VocoVision has a customer service and IT support team that is always ready to assist you and your school. We will efficiently train your relevant school personnel in how to adopt and use the VocoVision teletherapy platform, from the first day that you incorporate the system.

When you transition to remote therapy, you have features that you demand from the therapists, the platform, and the company itself. VocoVision will meet all of your requirements, and more.

What Will the Transition to Teletherapy Look Like?

When you decide on VocoVision for your teletherapy solutions, the transition will be seamless. Know that you can rely on the professionals and experts providing the services to your students. Know also, that we have significant experience helping schools transition to this new model of delivery. Instead of splitting into separate camps, VocoVision brings stakeholders together. We know that working alongside onsite team members is the most effective way to guarantee student success.

In working with AAC students, for example, our specialists can deliver high-quality expertise and instruction for students through our platform. However, the staff at the school site is equally crucial to the process. They may help physically with the students in different functions. Working as a team, the VocoVision pairs with the onsite staff member to reach positive student goals.

Partnerships and coordination between schools and VocoVision clinicians transcend all areas and learning challenges that we service. A community forms around the student, involving a collective of specialists, teachers, administrators, and families, all with the same goal of helping that student achieve success. VocoVision specialists provide advice and expertise to help schools support the goals of all students.

Get Teletherapy Services for Your School

Transitioning from onsite therapy to teletherapy services should be a smooth, uncomplicated process. With VocoVision, you can have the confidence that your school will be matched with exceptional professional clinicians to assist your students with learning challenges. We have an advanced, secure platform, highly qualified and experienced staff, and a ceaseless commitment to serving your students. Contact us today to get started!

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