Everyday Speech Therapy Exercises

There are numerous reasons for utilizing speech therapy with our children. Whether it’s combating a speech impediment, overcoming issues with a cleft palate, or dealing with autism-related communication issues, speech therapy is very important to a child’s growth. Many families struggle with speech therapy homework due to a lack of resources and time constraints. Here are a few ways to still accomplish the homework while not adding to the stress of your everyday routine.

Language and Daily Routine

One of the easiest ways to tackle the time constraints issue is to include your speech therapy homework with your daily routine that is in place. Rather than setting aside homework time, include your work during meals, play, and bath time. During mealtime, you could work on simple requests for help when the child cannot open a container or would like a little extra butter on their potato. Identifying objects on the table or using hand gestures for desires are both excellent ways to keep the speech therapy going.

Resources for Speech Therapy Exercises

If you are struggling to obtain resources that help with speech therapy homework, there are lots of ways to look for free speech therapy exercises that can help you along the way. Firstly, ask the speech therapist if they have any recommendations. Many of them are aware of the latest websites that allow for printing off worksheets that will help. Secondly, ask a fellow parent who also has children in speech therapy. Especially parents who have been using the programs for a long time! Many parents learn the hard way and are happy to share the little golden nuggets they find.

Free Speech Therapy Exercises

Speech therapists love to use games to help teach the children. It’s fun and engaging and children are more likely to retain the information if they are enjoying the work. However, you do not have to go to the nearest toy store and load up on a bunch of games. 20 Questions and I Spy are two examples of speech therapy exercises at home that can be very enjoyable and will assist with homework. They are also easy to play during car rides while running errands or during daily commutes to work, school, and speech therapy.

No matter how hard things get, don’t allow speech therapy homework to weigh you down and zap all your strength. There are lots of ways to incorporate the work into everyday life and not let it drain the bank account. Always be sure to ask when you are stuck. Between the therapist and your circle of support, someone can come up with a solution that you may not have thought of yet. And really, that’s what they are there for. To help you help your child.

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