3 Places to Access Free Digital Book Libraries to Use in Speech Teletherapy

April 6, 2022By: VocoVision

Books are one of the top resources to use when helping with language learning, understanding words, and developing speech. Practicing speech-language pathology in a virtual setting makes it difficult to create a physical reading library for your students. That is where digital book libraries come in handy! Below we put together 3 places to access free digital book libraries to use in speech teletherapy. 

1. YouTube 

YouTube is a great place to find digital book libraries. If you search a book title’s name, you will find dozens of people recording themselves reading the book in engaging ways. These are great to share with your students and pause throughout to talk through certain words or topics. A few of our favorite channels are: 

2. Epic Books 

Epic Books is another great digital library for speech teletherapy. Epic has books for any reading level, covering any topic, and you can access books at any time. As an educator, with a school-based email address, you get free access to over 40,000+ books from over 250 publishers. Check out Epic Books here. 

3. VocoVision Toolkit 

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you are a VocoVision telepractioner, you have access to the VocoVision Toolkit. The Toolkit offers different digital concept books, learning resources and activities, and more. If you’re not a VocoVision teletherapist and don’t have access to our Toolkit, we’d love to change that! Submit your resume here and we’ll connect you with the right job for you.
If you have additional questions about digital book libraries or where you can find online learning resources, our team is always here to help. You can reach out to us here.

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