5 Ways Districts and Staff Can Support Remote Teachers

May 2, 2023By: Kristy Sprague, M.Ed., Ed.S.

With Teacher Appreciation Week taking place from May 8th to the 14th, it’s important for districts and staff to demonstrate support and recognition for remote teachers who may not be physically present in the building. In this blog post, we’ll explore five effective methods that districts and staff can utilize to show appreciation and provide support for their remote teachers.

1. Send a Gift Card

A coffee card or gift card from a specific store that the teacher goes to can show you pay attention and appreciate their hard work. Everyone likes to receive a gift card that is useful and perhaps relieves them from a purchase they would have needed to make. Many stores provide digital gift cards that you can send to teachers via email. The more personal the gift card the more gratitude!

2. Personal Letter

In the digital remote space we are working in, our most common source of written communication is email. With email being more convenient it’s rare to receive a letter in the mail. Writing a personalized letter acknowledging the teachers’ accomplishments and workload would be very appreciated. Taking the time to find something personal or an area of professional growth would make the letter even more authentic and appreciated.

3. Virtual Celebration

Most conference calls and meetings can be presented on Zoom. If the staff meeting isn’t already virtual, it may be worth the acknowledgment to have a virtual staff meeting and speak about each teacher’s role and something specific they have done as a contribution to the team.

4. One on One Meeting with the Teacher

One way to provide personalized feedback for a teacher is by communicating with other teachers and clinicians they work with. By requesting positive feedback from colleagues, teachers can gain valuable insight and support. Positive comments and feedback from parents and staff can be especially rewarding, as they demonstrate appreciation for the teacher’s efforts and reinforce their value, thus fostering a sense of buy-in.

5. Short Video from Parents and Students

Having students record a short video or a letter written by a parent can really make a teacher feel appreciated. Recording a video and sending it to a teacher will be sentimental and valuable. You could record a few students explaining why they like that teacher’s class or what they have learned during the sessions with the teacher.

Final Thoughts

Teacher Appreciation Week is an important opportunity to acknowledge the valuable contributions that teachers make to the education system, their students, staff, and families. Any expression of gratitude, no matter how small, is sure to be appreciated. It’s important to remember that the sincerity of your appreciation carries more weight than the symbol or gift you offer. Ultimately, it’s the genuine recognition and appreciation of a teacher’s efforts that truly matters.

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