A Helpful Tool to Help You Monitor Your Students’ IEP Progress

December 21, 2021By: VocoVision

How are you currently monitoring your students’ IEP progress? We recommend a fun, visual resource for interacting with your students. This will help them feel like they have more visibility into their progress and will help them see their goals a little more clearly. 

Below you’ll find a tool to help you do just that (you can also download a printable PDF version here).

How to use this tool to monitor IEP progress:

Sit down with your student and decide which goals they’ll be working toward. This specific tool has space for six goals, which we believe to be a strong goal without overwhelming students. You can always print off even more copies and continue to add goals over time. 

Once you and your student have decided on their goals, it’s time to start tracking! Each time you work on that skill, add the date and data to its respective box. 

Soon, you’ll have a worksheet full of the steps it took to reach each goal, as well as how long each goal took to reach. 

Once your student reaches a goal, you can reflect back on the steps it took to get there, how long it took to get there, what they have learned, and what they would do differently. 

Once you fill up one sheet, it’s time to start another! It’s vital to have goals like these to keep your sessions (and your students!) on track. 

Want access to more resources like this? As a VocoVision teletherapist, you can find plenty more like this in your toolkit. If you’re not already a VocoVision teletherapist, you can browse open positions here.

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