Building Self-Esteem for SLP Students

January 18, 2022By: VocoVision

As an SLP, you have many responsibilities to your students. You’re there to guide them and help them understand and work through their struggles. But you also have the opportunity to help encourage them and help them find their own self-esteem. 

Some tips for building self-esteem for SLP students: 

Show your students they’re a priority. 

Make each student feel special during their sessions. Show them that they’re your priority and try not to seem distracted. Give them your undivided attention and show that you care. 

Show that you care about them outside of sessions and school. 

Ask your students questions about their days, their lives outside of school, their weekends, etc. This will not only show that you care, but will also encourage them to speak freely. Feeling cared for and comfortable will help them feel more confident. 

Use positive reinforcement.

A “great job!” goes a long way. Give them tasks that they can easily complete, then congratulate them when they achieve them. This will give them a confidence boost to then attempt tougher tasks. 

Acknowledge their strengths. 

It’s usually tough for your students to recognize their own strengths. Celebrate the small victories and help them see their own strengths and accomplishments. 

Teach them how to address conflict. 

As important as it is to recognize and celebrate the good, it’s also vital to encourage your students how to best address conflict. If they begin to feel frustrated or are struggling during a session, instead of allowing them to feel sad for themselves, encourage them to find ways to move forward and solve the problem on their own. 

You play a large role in the lives of your students, and the ability to help them discover self-esteem is an honor. If you’re looking for additional resources and support for SLPs, check out our blog

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