Insights from a School Psychologist: Dr. Pedro Olvera Interviews Kylie Miller

March 9, 2023By: Pedro Olvera, PhD

As a school psychologist myself, it is always great to hear from other school psychologists about their experiences and what drove them into a field that plays such a vital role in supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Kylie Miller, a school psychologist and fellow clinical team member for VocoVision. In the interview, we discussed her background and professional journey and asked her what her advice is for other school psychologists interested in teletherapy.

Get to Know Kylie

Kylie Miller has been a school psychologist for six years. She started her career in Southern California, working for a charter school and an elementary school close to the border of Mexico. As a school psychologist, Kylie joined the San Diego Association of School Psychologists (SANDCASP) board and was also the founding member of the Social Justice Committee. The committee was developed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was inspired to create this committee because she encountered many challenges, including the consequences of the widespread pandemic, the impact on children with disabilities, and the effects of social upheaval in the face of the Black Matters Movement. Through SANDCASP, this committee continues to focus on bringing resources and training opportunities, re-writing bylaws, and creating position statements.    

Kylie also worked as a virtual school psychologist for two years in Southern California. In this role, she helped her school develop a virtual testing program in response to the school shutdowns due to COVID-19. In 2021, Kylie moved to eastern Tennessee, where she worked as a school psychologist in a rural community and then transitioned to working in an urban school district in 2022. Also, in the summer of 2022, she took on the role of adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee (UTC) Chattanooga, teaching practicum for assessment, intervention, and counseling courses to aspiring school psychology students. Kylie also is part of the UTC Advisory Board, where she participates in monthly meetings for program improvement of the School Psychology Program.  

In 2023, she took on the role of Clinical Manager for VocoVision, where she interviews, trains, and supports teletherapy clinicians across different disciplines nationwide. In addition, she develops resources, writes professional blogs, and presents webinars on topics related to telepractice and related issues to educators. 

When did you first hear about school psychology?  

Kylie graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a degree in sociology. Her first introduction to the field of school psychology while working as a behavior aid in a classroom for children with autism. The school psychologist would consult and support the children using applied behavior analysis (ABA) strategies. Kylie was intrigued by how the school psychologist would use ABA with the students, her success level, and how resourceful she was. Kylie then began to research school psychology programs in the area, and she also met with the school psychologist and explained what the field entailed. Coincidently, Kylie lost contact with the school psychologist and wonders what she would say about her impact on her professional journey.  

What difference did you hope to make in the field or educational system?  

While growing up in San Diego, CA, Kylie observed that educational resources and services were applied disproportionately to groups of people. She has always been aware of this, and she hoped that through the field of school psychology, she could bring awareness to these issues and how it applies to children with disabilities.  

What is your favorite thing about school psychology?  

Kylie’s favorite thing about school psychology is how it enables her to meet many different people in the field of education. Kylie emphasized that school psychologists get to work with administrators, teachers, service providers, support personnel, and other educators. Additionally, she feels that this creates a dynamic job. Needing to interact with different educators requires several role transitions. Kylie noted that educators are generally inspiring people, and she feels fortunate to have worked with many different educators over the years that are making a difference in the lives of children.  

What are your hobbies?  

Kylie is enthusiastic about rock climbing and is active with the California and Tennessee community. She also enjoys any activity that allows her to be outdoors, like camping, and trail running. Kylie enjoys traveling and has had the privilege to travel to several countries worldwide, and she was able to live in Istanbul for two years. In addition, she enjoys reading, especially fiction books.  

What advice do you have for folks considering teletherapy?  

Kylie advises aspiring teletherapists to read the blogs on the VocoVision website. She noted that VocoVision does a great job of explaining the different elements of telepractice. Also, she advises them to feel free to contact the Clinical Team for more information about telepractice and to also follow VocoVision’s social media to access public offerings like webinars, blogs, and other advancements in the field.  

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