How SLPs Can Use Teletherapy as a Supplemental Income

March 4, 2019By: VocoVision

There’s no shame in being a traditional SLP, working in a school or outpatient setting. SLPs are by trade “helpers” so helping people comes naturally. For the most part, many SLPs are happy in a traditional speech therapy setting and the income they’re making. Yet, other SLPs may desire or need a supplemental income. If you’re one of the thousands of SLPs who would like the opportunity to earn an extra income, teletherapy may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Basics

In order to make additional money as a teletherapist, you’ll need a few things: high speed internet, a web camera, computer or laptop, video conferencing software, and a high-quality headset. You may already have the computer or laptop and if you do, many already come installed with a web camera. Upgrading your internet can be as easy as a phone call to your internet service provider and there are many options for video conferencing including Zoom and Skype.

If you plan on working outside your state, you’ll also need to get the proper state licensing for the location(s) you’d like to work.

Therapy Sessions on Your Terms

Teletherapy can offer SLPs a chance to try out online speech therapy without giving up their day job. You can set your own hours and after some minimal set up, you can be ready to take on private patients in the comfort of your home. Because you aren’t restricted to normal business or office hours, you can work across time zones and see patients from all over the world.

Many Opportunities all from Home

There are many populations in need of teletherapy. You need not be limited to one age group or speech need. Here are just a few of the places to find patients:

  1. Contracting with companies like Vocovision
  2. Working with charter and online schools
  3. Early intervention programs
  4. Rural communities
  5. Word of mouth referrals
  6. Physically fragile patients
  7. Veterans
  8. Rehabilitation Centers

Creating a Specialty

Another way to earn supplemental income with teletherapy is to specialize in a particular area of speech therapy. Having a clinical specialty can often yield higher rates for teletherapy and bring in referrals from clinics, hospitals, and schools. Though some may see a specialty as limiting, you may view it as a way to treat those with highly specialized needs.

Setting Your Rates

As an SLP teletherapist, you can often set your own hourly rates and fees, especially if you’re receiving referrals and/or contracting for private individual clients. Contracted teletherapists or therapists working remotely through a clinic or school may also set their own rates or negotiate a fair hourly rate with the company they are contracting with. Most companies that contract with teletherapists manage the clients and provide a secure platform for therapy in exchange for a fee so be sure to set your hourly rates accordingly.

Having an additional income as a teletherapist can provide great financial security, offer a variety of clients you may not see as a traditional therapist, and help you decide if running your own teletherapy business is right for you. Get started today and find your next source of supplemental income.

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