How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

September 30, 2016By: VocoVision

You’ve taken the first step into working from home as a teletherapist by sending in your resume and connecting with a recruiter. Now what? You’re used to an in-person interview process of several days or weeks, then more waiting for a decision to be made. But what’s it like when the entire process is…virtual? A process in which you apply for a position online, have an interview, and receive an offer within a few hours? Are you ready to step into the “hire faster” era? Get ready by preparing yourself with these tips!

Find a quiet, private space.

Since your first impression with the school district is over the phone or via Skype, you don’t want the environment around you to distract them from you and the interview. Even though the hiring trends are evolving and virtual communication is rising, professionalism is still a large part of hiring decisions. Find a quiet room and make sure it will remain quiet during the time of your interview.

Start off by taking a quick breath.

These days, it’s normal for the hiring process to move faster because of workforce trends, competition in the hiring world, and Millennials seeking faster response time. Don’t let the quicker response time scare you, let it motivate you to seize every and any opportunity out there! You do have to be an experienced therapist/educator to even qualify for teletherapy, so you have the ability to “sell yourself” with ease. One quick breath to clear your mind of any fear, then staying positive will allow the process itself to be positive.

Be confident and smile!

Whether your interview occurs via Skype, FaceTime, or by phone, the person on the other end of the line cannot experience your personality as easily as they could in person. If the interview is held through a video conference, make sure you’re dressed professionally. Be confident and smile! “Selling yourself” over the phone is a bit different. Before you interview, try this out: Record your voice when you’re not smiling. Then record it again – this time with a big smile. Can you tell the difference? Most likely. No matter if you’re providing therapy virtually or in-person, the school district needs a clinician who is positive and great with kids. Your attitude and fun personality will shine through your conversation if you’re smiling!

Have general post-interview questions prepared.

Because a virtual interview can happen at any moment, you should have a few general questions already prepared to ask at the end of the interview. Even if most of your questions are answered during or at the beginning of the interview, it helps to have a couple questions to ask at the end. Asking questions shows your engagement and interest in the position to the person on the other end of the line. It won’t be tough to think of questions, since most of them are valid for all other school-based therapy jobs. You’ll still need to find out which staff members you’ll be communicating with, info about the caseload, and general electronic processes the school district utilizes.

Make sure all of your documents are up-to-date.

This means your resume, contact info, references, all state licenses & certifications, & any other credentials that you need to qualify for the position. Because the hiring process flows so quickly, you’ll need to be able to send all current documents as soon as they’re requested – which could even be right after your first call with a recruiter. Keep in mind, the main reason why school districts utilize teletherapy is because it’s an immediate solution for school districts. Waiting on documents to delay services defeats the purpose of the immediate aspect! The good thing is, since everything is done virtually, no printing or snail mail can complicate and lengthen the process! Licenses can be checked on state websites, and most paperwork can be sent and completed online.

Be ready to discuss feedback and make a decision quickly.

This may sound like a lot of pressure, but think about it. This is one of the fastest-growing therapy methods, so you can imagine that there are plenty of other therapists who would love to work from home. You probably have some competition waiting in line right after you! After the interview, if you feel that the majority of your questions have been answered, and that the position sounds like something you’d succeed in, don’t be afraid to say “yes” right away! Of course there can be pros and cons to any job, but that’s the beauty of contract work in a remote position. You won’t have a long-term commitment and be “stuck”. But you will have a whole team of support from your company, and you get to work from home! Besides all of the major work-from-home benefits you’ll encounter, keep in mind that you’re basically a “superhero” for whichever school district you’re providing services for. If it weren’t for the combination of your speech expertise along with the VocoVision platform, many students wouldn’t be receiving the speech therapy services they need. Have pride in your abilities and know that you’re making even more of a difference in this type of position.

Have you experienced a remote interview before? If so, please share any additional advice you may have for first-timers below!

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