How to Teach Your SLP Students What Sad Means

January 11, 2022By: VocoVision

Do your students struggle to tell you how they’re feeling and why? Many SLP students struggle when it comes to emotions, but you have the ability to help them understand them a little better. 

We’ve created a resource to help you teach your students how to better understand and communicate their emotions. 

How to use this resource:

Start with one emotion: sad.

Teach your student what it means to feel sad and guide them through each of these steps. Give them plenty of time to answer these questions on their own, and ask them questions as needed. 

Once you have finished this activity, refer back to this any time you notice them feeling sad. Help them connect the dots and notice that that is what they are feeling. 

Next, you can utilize the same framework for other emotions and help them understand the differences.

You can download a printable PDF version of the resource here for free. And if you’re a VocoVision teletherapist, you have access to plenty of additional resources like this. 

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