New Year Tips for Teletherapists

January 3, 2022By: VocoVision
New Year Tips for Teletherapists

Follow these new year tips for teletherapists to ensure you kick off the new year on the right foot. 

Reflect on the past year. 

It’s easy to want to jump head-first into the new year and start working toward your goals. But it’s difficult to move forward without reflection. 

Reflect on your achievements, big and small, both personally and with each of your students. 

Recognize your students’ achievements from the past year. 

Once you’ve taken time to reflect on the past year, bring your students in. Ask them what they’re most proud of from the last year, and recognize the achievements you’ve witnessed. This is a great way to start the year off on the right foot. 

Set your own personal goals for the new year. 

What do you want to achieve as an SLP? What are your biggest goals and what are your intentions for the year? Lay them out now and revisit throughout the year. 

Set goals with each of your students for the new year. 

Ask your students the same questions you’re asking yourself. What do they want to achieve? Where do they want to see themselves in a few months? By the end of the school year? By the end of the year? They may need your help setting these goals, and this is an excellent opportunity to turn it into a lesson. 

Set the tone for the year. 

The first month can set the tone for the entire year. Decide how you want your next year to look and set intentions early. Let your students and their parents know your intentions and goals for the year. 

As you head into the new year, we want to ensure you’re fully prepared. If you’re a VocoVision teletherapist, take advantage of our toolkit resources and consider refreshing your session activities. If you’re not a VocoVision teletherapist, now is an excellent time to make a transition. Browse our SLP jobs here.

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