Stuttering Devices – An Overview

June 2, 2017By: VocoVision

Stuttering is a speech impediment that can leave one feeling incredibly under-heard. Fortunately, there are devices out there to help those with a stuttering issue. They can be heard and understood with ease and improve their self-esteem in tremendous ways. Today, we are looking at products to tell you what is out there and how they can help you.

Speech Easy – $2,500-$4,000

Speech Easy devices use a delay and pitch shift to emulate choral speech. One user indicated that the device worked in the beginning. They were distracted by the sounds they were hearing from the device; thus, they didn’t stutter because their focus was redirected. Unfortunately, that user experienced a return of stuttering once their brain became accustomed to the device. It is not known if this user used the device in conjunction with other therapies. The University of Colorado did test the device over six months to garner its effectiveness. Overall, there was some benefit for some of the subjects. Their study did not include any other stuttering therapy, and they recognize that it could be a very beneficial tool for someone utilizing multiple therapy options.

If you choose to use this device, we recommend you use it with other therapies to get the most benefit out of it. While it is a pricey device, they do offer options to help alleviate that cost. Ranging from payment plans to credit lines. They have a Funding Coordinator on staff to help navigate the best options for you.

Casa Future Tech – Small Talk $2,500

This device is designed to help you stop stuttering and move you to a place in which you will no longer need the device. According to their site, there is a 70% success rate for folks who use the machine but do not utilize any other therapies. They also say that there is a 55% retention rate for folks who stop using the device.

The overall attitude of users is that this is a device that anyone with a stutter should invest in. Many spoke of being able to speak fluently immediately rather than having to build up to that ability. None complained of returning to stuttering once they stopped using the device. Clinical studies have shown a very solid 34% success rate in reducing stuttering. Across the board, the device was an excellent tool for reading monologues and/or dialogues.

Unlike Speech Easy, Casa Future Tech does not offer payment plans or credit lines. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Stuttering devices have been around for quite some time and as long as they help in any way, they will continue to be around. The more we learn about stuttering and how to combat, the more the devices will change and offer even more help!

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