The Benefits of Using VocoVision Teleservices for Your School District

July 25, 2022By: VocoVision

As a superintendent, principal, special education director, or school leader, you understand how difficult it can be to meet the needs of each student in your district or school. 

What’s the solution when you don’t have the right people to serve your students? 

Investing in teleservices takes the burden off your shoulders and gives you access to the most qualified telepractitioners in the country – no matter where you are located. Here are a few of the specific benefits of using VocoVision teleservices for your school district: 

1. Get the Perfect Candidate Match for Your Needs

Each student in your school or district has a distinct need. That’s why we take our teleservices to the next level by customizing and tailoring them to your unique needs. 

When you request teleservices, we aren’t just posting your job description. Our education recruitment specialists work hard to understand the goals of your school or district, the needs of your students, and what it will take to achieve actionable results. They then review our nationwide network of school professionals and match you with professionals to help meet your needs. 

2. Get Continuity for Your Students

Most teleservices companies use different providers for the same students, but our team provides you with a dedicated teletherapist who will work with your student one-on-one or in therapy groups throughout the entire school year, allowing for stronger connections to help your students reach their fullest potential. 

Having a strong foundation of trust between a telepractitioner and your students is one of the number one ways to cultivate a willingness to learn. ​​

3. Get All-Inclusive Hourly Billing 

Our billing is easy to digest and we offer an all-inclusive hourly rate, making it as seamless as possible for your school district. 

4. Get Direct Access to Technology & Support Teams 

Your school district will work directly with our technical team to set up equipment specifically made for the services your students are receiving. We can provide your district with a direct upload of our platform to use on existing devices, a VocoVision touchscreen computer station, or a tablet for tele-interpreting. Your school district will also have direct access to our support team to help you anytime! 

Along with access to a technical support team, we also give our therapists access to a Clinical Support Team that makes sure every therapist has the training and tools they need to effectively assess, teach, interpret, and inspire in a virtual setting. 

5. Get Trusted Services

We are proud to say that we are the only provider to have over a decade of experience with teleservices. We have seen it help students and solve the seemingly impossible problems of staffing for school districts all across the country.

To connect your school district to our network of highly qualified educators and therapists, click here. 

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