Tips for College Graduates Considering a Career in Teletherapy

December 15, 2021By: VocoVision
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If you’re a college graduate (or soon-to-be college graduate) considering a career in teletherapy, we’re so excited for you! Teletherapy is an excellent career path as it opens up plenty of opportunities for you to help students in need while finding work-life balance. 

Some tips as you consider a career in teletherapy: 

Know how to get started. First things first, there are some technical things you should know before you get started in teletherapy. For example, you’ll need to be licensed in both the state you live in and the state you work in. But don’t worry! If you get a job through VocoVision, we’ll help you get the proper licensing. The equipment you’ll need includes a computer with webcam, solid internet connection, and a headset with a microphone. In many cases, you can write these items off on your taxes, so be sure to check in with a tax professional if you need to purchase or upgrade these items before beginning your career. Also please note that we require two years of school-based experience for all of our SLP positions. 

Talk to your students about their lives outside of school. In-person therapy allows you to create natural connections with your students, but these can be tougher to create virtually. Make sure your sessions do not become solely about school by talking to your students about their personal lives. Ask them questions about their friends, hobbies, family, and weekend plans. They may be apprehensive about meeting virtually, so help them feel comfortable and show them that you can be their friend. 

Create a safe space. Therapy, especially virtually, can be a little scary for children. Put them at ease by creating a safe space for them. Show them that their struggles are okay, their voice and concerns are always being heard, and that you’re there for them. This can make all the difference. However, with teletherapy, it’s also important to create a safe visual space. Eliminate distractions, make sure the lighting is calming and bright enough for them to see you, and incorporate virtual backgrounds if needed. 

Incorporate fun themes. Make your sessions something that your students look forward to. If there’s a holiday coming up, incorporate some fun themed activities. Change up the way you structure your sessions and even ask your students what they’d like to see in the future. 

Know where to go for new ideas. The longer you’re in the field, the more tools and ideas you’ll have, but you may be feeling overwhelmed as you’re just getting started. If you’re a VocoVision client, you have access to our toolkit full of resources that you can use. If you’re not a VocoVision client, follow along–we post plenty of helpful tips and resources on our social media accounts and on our blog. You can also use Pinterest for inspiration. 

We’d love to come alongside you and help you find the teletherapy career of your dreams. You can browse open positions here.

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