Top 4 Speech Therapy Mobile Apps for 2017

April 7, 2017By: VocoVision

For parents on the go, and parents who just need a little extra help, mobile apps geared to speech therapy are often a blessing in disguise. It allows your child to utilize a tool and work on speech therapy homework with ease. Often using games and technology can make speech therapy easier, allowing the parent to engage in a fun game with their child. Here are the top speech therapy mobile apps you should be downloading – if you don’t have them already!

Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech – This is one of the best applications for speech therapy available on iPhone and iPad. You can opt for a free version of the app and pay for additional sound programs to make this application a completely customizable tool that won’t bog you down with anything unnecessary. This application was created by a speech-language pathologist so that other SLPs, parents, and educators can utilize this tool for children with speech sound delays. Are you an Android owner? That’s okay, there is a comparable app on the Google Play Store called Articulation Essentials Lite by MeshTech Solutions.

Speech Trainer 3D by SmartYears Apps –  This application, currently only available for iPhone & iPad, focuses on tongue placement. This application is perfect for children with speech sound disorders, people learning English as a second language, and adults who have suffered a stroke. If your child or loved one is struggling through tongue placement with other apps, this one will visually show them where to place their tongue. Additionally, it covers all consonants and vowels.

Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games – At $4.99 per game in the App Store for iPhone, this is a game system that focuses on articulation in children who are just starting to speak. Its focus is on 23 phonetic sounds and the games are voice-led, making articulation and speech clarity that much more important to play through the game.

Angry Birds – How can a game about angry birds defending their land from pigs help a child? You can work on identifying shapes, colors, and even words during the game. If you are working with an autistic child during speech therapy, this is a great tool to work on concepts such as taking turns, cause and effect, cooperation, and spatial concepts. The best part is that it’s available on Apple and Android products as well as having a multitude of free versions of the game. Your child won’t be bored by the same old game.

Utilizing phone and tablet apps to do speech therapy homework can be a boon for you and your child. There are so many options available, and often there are free versions you can try out before you buy.

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