Top 5 Reasons to be a Teletherapist

February 25, 2019By: VocoVision

Through the convenience of the internet, our lives have been forever changed. There isn’t much we can’t do in front of a computer or smart phone screen. Need groceries? Place an order and have them delivered to your door. Looking to buy a car? Shop thousands of cars from your couch and save time so you can test drive your favorites.

It’s with that same level of ease that teletherapy is changing how speech therapists see patients. Teletherapy has the unique ability to blend the benefits of living in a connected digital age with traditional counseling and therapy. Becoming a teletherapist is often more practical and just as effective as traditional speech therapy.

Set Your Own Schedule

As a speech teletherapist you can create a schedule that works for you and for your patients. Speech therapists are often at the mercy of the schools they work for, which can often mean rigidly structured time with students.

Reach More Patients

In your role as a speech teletherapist you can reach patients who may otherwise not be able to get the speech therapy assistance they need. Homebound patients, those living in rural or remote locations, and even low-income families who may struggle with reliable transportation may now benefit from speech therapy without having to navigate the hurdles of leaving home.

Cost Effective Therapy

Whether you’re a contracted or a salaried speech therapist, there are financial savings that come with being a teletherapist. Gone will be the cost of commuting, eating lunch from vending machines, and keeping up a costly business wardrobe. The cost of commuting, including gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, can eat up thousands of dollars in expenses.

Distraction Free Therapy

When providing speech therapy in a school setting, there can be hundreds of distractions. Speech teletherapists can dictate what kinds of distractions are permitted by working with parents and patients to set guidelines and the environment for each speech therapy session.

Reduced Exposure to Illnesses

Commuting back and forth to an office daily and interacting with people can lead you open to many contagious illnesses. If you work with children, you are doubly at risk for catching any one of the many viruses children pass around. Becoming an online speech teletherapist can keep you and your clients safe from passing germs back and forth.

As our lives become busier and our access to digital services continues to grow, there is a convenience to being a speech teletherapist. No longer constrained by normal business or school hours, both you and your clients are free to hold sessions that may occur out of normal office hours; a convenience many parents of children will look forward to. If you are ready to begin your new career as a teletherapist search our job’s page to find your next opportunity.

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