Why Millennials Love Teletherapy

May 13, 2019By: VocoVision

Teletherapy is changing the way that many speech and language professionals are able to work. Searching for jobs is no longer the same when you are able to consider teletherapy as an option. While many are expanding their job searches to include teletherapy, millenials are the most excited to enter into the potential opportunities.

Flexibility is a Huge Factor

Imagine applying for a job as a traditional SLP, but it means commuting over an hour without traffic or weather concern factored in. This adds time away from your family, wear and tear to your vehicle, and more money to fill your car’s gas tank. In addition to this, the stress of traveling can starts to affect your mental health as well. The beauty of teletherapy is that millenials do not have to worry about this. They are able to work with students near and far via their own computer. The ability to work with additional students  from all around the country means more money to earn and save.

With updated hardware, software, and proper internet connectivity, they will be able work in most locations. All you need is a quiet space where you will be able to work during your session. This means that millennials do not need a fancy space to work from and won’t need to purchase extra hands-on materials for their sessions. Sharing what to do on camera allows for reusing some resources from one person to another.

Another wonderful part of teletherapy for millennials is that they are able to schedule sessions that work around other responsibilities. If you need to be out of town on a Tuesday, you simply make sure to adjust session times with the people who you are working with.  This flexibility eases stress and makes it easier to concentrate on the sessions you have rather than canceling an in person visit that may be more complicated.

Saving for the Future

Retirement, savings, and families are all on the mind of millenials. This means that being able to save money is huge. The saying that time is money is true. When you are able to work smarter with teletherapy, you save money. Since you do not have to travel in winter conditions to a job far away, you can save on the type of vehicle you have. While there are costs for technology to utilize teletheapy, it’s less money than potential car repairs and gas money to commute.

Since you won’t have to travel to multiple locations in a day to work with students, you may be able to have more sessions in a day. This means that millenials could work more to save additional money. In addition to this, they may work shorter hours so they can do more with their own growing family, or participate in volunteering in their community.

If you are a millenial who is interested in teletherapy, start your new career search here!

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