Using Boom Cards for Speech Therapy – Virtually & In-Person

October 20, 2020By: VocoVision
boom cards for speech therapy and learning

In the ever-evolving world of speech therapy, therapists are continually looking for new innovations. Boom Cards are one such tool, providing speech therapists an effective way to engage students.

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are an interactive digital tool, allowing teachers and specialists to gain valuable data. Since the current platform launched in 2015, many teachers, parents, and therapists have incorporated it into their daily activities with students. Educators can access the online teaching platform to create or purchase card decks. It also can be used as a speech therapy app on mobile devices, freeing up specialists to provide services on the go.

Who are they for?

Boom Cards are versatile enough to be used in many different formats. Teachers, therapists, and parents can all benefit from them.


If teachers have used task cards in their classrooms, they can seamlessly transition to Boom Cards. With the ability to customize and create cards for any topic, educators can use this tool to interact with one student or the whole class. They provide real-time feedback to students, keeping them engaged with the subject, and moving through the card deck. They are especially useful in the era of distance learning that many schools have moved towards due to school closures.


Therapists, across many different fields, can find value in Boom Cards. Many specialists are transferring their approach to a remote model, performing various SLP teletherapy jobs and services over the Internet. Whether students need assistance for apraxia, articulation, or many other challenges, they benefit from this learning platform – virtually. For those students receiving speech teletherapy at home, Boom Cards can keep them interested and attentive to their services.


Distance learning can be challenging for teachers and students. Parents who want to supplement their child’s education can use Boom Cards to support learning and reinforce skills. Whether they create their cards or find a deck online, parents can keep their kids excited about learning.

Key Features of Boom learning cards

There are many different ways to use Boom Cards for learning and unique approaches to incorporating them. Here are some of the key features of the platform.


Boom Cards offer several pricing tiers, in addition to the popular free version. Users can purchase decks on the Boom website or through the Teachers Pay Teachers site. The pricing model contains membership plans, ranging from a no-cost Starter version to an Ultimate plan. Boom cards are free to use in the Starter plan, allowing parents, therapists, and educators unlimited FastPlay and up to five self-made decks. Depending on your goals, you can find the version with the features you need.

Different Formats

Once you have access to the online platform, there are several formats in which you can create a card. Designs range from fill-in-the-blank to multiple-choice, to drag and drop versions. Teachers and specialists can adapt card decks to the skill they intend to teach.


To access the Boom learning platform, you will need a device and an Internet connection. It is an interactive online program, accessed through either a desktop, tablet, or a mobile app. The student interface is interactive, so they can click on cards and drag or choose answers directly on their device. 


Like any program, users need to navigate the platform and learn the basics. However, once students use it often enough, they can work through card decks with ease. The simple presentation and organization make navigating the platform easy for both students and adults.


Boom Cards are designed to hold student attention. They are presented in a gamified fashion so that students have fun reinforcing skills and concepts. Teachers, parents, and therapists can customize lessons and topics to fit individual students’ needs and goals. By providing real-time feedback, the cards let students know how they perform in each step, furthering their lesson ownership.


Thanks to its online approach, Boom Cards are entirely digital, which means no wasted paper. Gone are the days of printing, laminating, and photocopying task cards and materials to prepare for lessons. As users obtain more card decks, storing and organizing them on their account page is easy.

Data Collection

All students receive instant feedback, which teachers and specialists can record. The paid versions of Boom Cards will collect data and create reports, as well, so teachers can track student learning. Using this data, educators and SLPs can differentiate instruction so that all students can reach their desired outcomes.


Boom Cards is a versatile learning platform and will work on any device. Whether students are using a tablet, Chromebook, desktop, iPad, or mobile phone, they can access and interact with the materials. Teachers can project cards or use them with a SmartBoard for whole-group instruction. The program is also compatible with Google Classroom and other learning management systems.

How to use Boom Cards for speech therapy

Many speech therapists who use Boom learning decks find it an innovative, practical approach. In the past, therapists created task cards from paper, spending a substantial amount of time preparing and planning for the session ahead. With Boom, SLPs can focus on the material itself, creating individualized cards for each child with whom they work. If students have an Internet connection and a device, therapists can work one-on-one with them, practicing skills that individuals need to develop. Therapists no longer need to manually track student progress, as the Boom platform compiles data and creates valuable reports for users.

Can teletherapists use Boom Cards?

As teletherapy increases in popularity, Boom Cards are fitting the needs of remote providers. By creating and sharing a Boom deck with students, teletherapists can provide the same therapy quality as in-person specialists. Remote SLPs design individualized cards for their students, differentiating them based on what each child needs. No matter which online speech therapy services students require, Boom Cards can help them reach their full potential.

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