Christine’s Story – Speech-Language Pathologist

April 4, 2022By: VocoVision

Our team of teletherapists help children from all over the United States reach their full potential. They have different interests, come from backgrounds different from one another and have landed in their careers for different reasons, but their impact remains the same – they can help children reach their full potential.

In the next few months, we’ll share interviews with a few of our SLP therapists to learn about how and why they got started in teletherapy, and the motivation behind their career choices. This week, we asked Christine about her experience as a teletherapist with VocoVision.

How did you choose a career as an SLP? 

While investigating careers in healthcare, I asked to observe a speech therapy session. I was sold. I left the clinic thinking, “People get to have fun in therapy?!” The session wasn’t like any other healthcare I had seen. I was used to the idea that most people don’t like going to a therapist, but speech therapy was different. People, especially children, enjoy the sessions and sometimes don’t want to leave. Speech-language pathologists have the privilege of helping people learn or relearn how to improve their communication skills and we get to have fun while we do it! 

How did you get started in teletherapy?

I got started in teletherapy 2-3 years ago with VocoVision due to wanting to expand my speech-language pathology services in a whole new way. I was able to reach many more students through this option and it has been great ever since!

What do you love the most about teletherapy?

What I love most about teletherapy is being able to reach students all over the world, delivering evidence-based interventions when and where students need it best. Since distance is no issue in teletherapy, the limitation of not being able to help students remotely does not exist. Students love technology! Teletherapy enables them to make progress toward their functional goals and avoid regression in a way that is highly engaging. There is no better feeling for me than when a student says their first word, signs for the first time or finally can say “rabbit” instead of “wabbit!” Each goal no matter how small, is celebrated!

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my SLP job is the ability to use my creativity. Since each client is never the same, I am always using my “creative juices” to keep therapy exciting, inspiring, and beneficial. As a school-based SLP, I often use my creativity to develop lesson plans that are both individualized for my students and adhere to the general education curriculum. I also tailor therapy to each of my student’s interests to increase their participation and thus build success. All of this takes time, patience, and a lot of creativity!

What are some of your goals in teletherapy?

My main goal in teletherapy is to be accessible to students all over the country and help them improve their speech and language skills. As an SLP licensed in FL, NM, RI, IL, CA, and GA, I want to bring proven speech-language pathology services and motivating experiences straight to the student’s school and/or home.

To learn more about the transition to teletherapy, click here.

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