Emily’s Story – Speech-Language Pathologist

March 14, 2022By: VocoVision

Teletherapy is a career that can create a meaningful impact on children all over the country. At VocoVision, we have a team of teletherapistst that have different interests, come from different backgrounds, and all decided to land in teletherapy for different reasons, but their impact remains the same – they can help children reach their full potential from around the U.S.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing interviews from a few of our therapists to learn more about why they decided to make the transition to teletherapy and what they love most about their day-to-day. To start us off, we interviewed Emily H. on her SLP story. 

How did you choose a career as an SLP? 

I knew I wanted to work with children in a meaningful way but was not sure how to accomplish that. My mom had a patient at her dentist’s office that offered for me to observe her as an elementary school SLP. The next week I went back to college and changed my major. 

How did you get started in teletherapy?

I move around about once a year for my spouse’s career. I found that I was transitioning to a new district each year, and it was extremely draining both personally and professionally. After our most recent move in 2020 (pre-COVID), I decided to move to the teletherapy space.

What do you love the most about teletherapy?

I love that I have consistency wherever I go, for myself and my students. I can still build great relationships with my students from afar, and now I do not have to leave them at the end of the school year. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of being an SLP is building relationships with my students and helping them feel empowered in who they are. I think that is a very undervalued aspect of our jobs as we work with young people. 

What are some of your goals in teletherapy?

Some of my goals as a teletherapist are to provide services for individuals with limited access and to continue to impact my students in a way that is bigger than just their speech goals. 

To learn more about the transition to teletherapy, click here.

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