Why Tutoring is Important & Benefits of Online Tutoring

July 9, 2020By: VocoVision
Online tutoring

One challenge within education is ensuring that all students receive quality instruction. It can be difficult to ensure that every student in the classroom is maximizing his or her potential. Enter tutoring. Since the beginning of organized education, tutoring has been an integral piece of the puzzle for many children. With the advent of the internet, we have entered an exciting, increasingly accessible realm. Online tutoring provides many benefits to students, parents, and schools. In these increasingly busy times, the flexibility and ease of access to online tutoring are invaluable. These advantages, combined with expert differentiation and instruction, can make a significant impact on your student’s academic future. Here at VocoVision, we hire only top-notch expert tutors to deliver online services to students. Discover how online tutoring can benefit your student. 

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Just like traditional tutoring, online tutoring provides supplemental academic help outside of regular school hours. Highly qualified professionals deliver instruction, clarify any questions that students may have, and assist children with class assignments or homework. The difference is that online tutoring occurs over the internet, in a virtual environment. This form of instruction can help nearly any student, no matter if they are in general education, special education, or need specific therapy services

Besides offering the benefit of enhancing student learning and knowledge retention, the value of online tutoring is its flexibility of scheduling. With traditional tutoring, most windows of opportunity are within a couple of hours after school ended. Tutors need to drive to an agreed-upon location, set up their materials, and begin tutoring the student. Now, however, services start as soon as tutors and students set up a virtual connection online. Thanks to our simple yet powerful platform, tutoring services are accessible from any device. Busy parents and school leaders can work within their schedules to schedule the ideal time for tutoring. 

Online tutoring is effective, convenient, and can be personalized to any student, regardless of learning needs. Whether your students are in a gifted program and want to ensure a perfect GPA, are struggling to retain information due to a specific learning disability, or need tailored remote therapy services, VocoVision has the solution you need. 

Why Tutoring is Important

Classrooms are inherently busy places. While some students thrive in these environments, many become distracted or lose their focus on the assignment. Tutoring can help fill these gaps that occur. In education, there is a proven approach, known as Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In its most basic definition, UDL aims to provide equity and access to all students and to ensure that the needs of children of all learning modalities and cognitive levels are met. Teachers are often encouraged to utilize UDL principles during lesson planning and instruction. However, many times it can be challenging to address individual student goals and objectives, even with focused lesson plans. With large class sizes, multiple distractions, and having to tailor lessons to meet the demands of state testing, it can be difficult for even the most seasoned teachers.

Tutoring can address these challenges. No child in a classroom learns exactly the same, and the most basic solution to meeting student goals and objectives is to provide individualized instruction. One on one interactions can help any student. General education students can ask those questions that they may not have had the chance to ask in class. They can get clarification on assignments, or they can work in-depth on their writing or math concepts. Bouncing ideas off of one person is much less stressful for some students, and they can expand their thinking and reasoning abilities. We work with students from all grade levels and across any subject and content area.

Special education students can benefit from tutoring, as well. There is a wide range of learning challenges and disabilities that may affect students. An exceptional tutor can break down lesson goals into smaller objectives, or manageable chunks that students can process more efficiently. Students with specific disabilities related to Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD manifestations, especially, can do well without classroom distractions. Our highly trained tutors can quickly assess and identify the needs of learners and can tailor their tutoring services to address those challenges. 

Students who require therapy services also do well with remote sessions. VocoVision provides only the most exceptional virtual therapists for your student. Whether you need speech-language pathologists, counselors, occupational therapists, or behavior therapists, we have the best in the business.

The Benefits of Online Tutoring

Tutoring can be a powerful and dynamic addition to your child’s academic progress. However, traditional tutoring has its limitations. There are only so many time slots in a day or week for students to physically meet up with their tutors. Other considerations, such as travel time and unexpected schedule conflicts, can affect tutoring efficiency and consistency. Even with all the right intentions and supports in place, students may not receive the full benefit they deserve via traditional tutoring.

The benefits of online tutoring are clear, however. Here are four reasons why online tutoring can be beneficial to your child.

  • Adding online tutoring to supplement your child’s learning over the summer and after school can give your child the tools they need to be successful.

Many studies show a noticeable regression over the summer for students who do not engage in summertime learning. Additionally, many students do not achieve full potential during the school day. Your child does not have to be in these categories. Online tutoring provides flexible hours and an open schedule to hold students accountable and engaged during the summer months and after school. Your students may need additional reinforcement of the standards of the grade they just completed. They may prefer to plow ahead and to get a head start on the material they will cover in the next school year. Either way, online tutoring can provide the solution to the summer doldrums of learning and keep your child actively learning. Whether you desire a summer reading skills program, after-school skill reinforcement, a shoring up of necessary algebra skills, or anything in between, online tutoring can be customized for your child.

Online Tutoring is Interactive and Innovative

One significant benefit of online tutoring is its potential for student engagement. Children today are products of a digital age, and many thrive in a virtual environment. Here at VocoVision, we say, “perfect.” We have a proven ability to hold student attention and help them grow cognitively through our powerful learning platform. Many students are visual learners and love to play games and engage online. Our tutors create lessons and provide interactive assistance that incorporates such technology seamlessly. Where traditional tutoring may include worksheets, textbooks, and workbooks, we utilize all of the virtual tools available to us on the internet. The result is a user-friendly and enriching environment in which many students flourish.

You can plan tutoring sessions around your schedule

Life happens and changes fast. With online tutoring, you can set your student’s tutoring sessions when it works for you. With availability in the evenings as well as weekends, VocoVision can accommodate your busy schedule. No longer do you have to rush your child to a meeting place to have a tutoring session. Instead, schedule it virtually, turn on your device, and begin your online tutoring session.

Customized learning plans based on your child’s current school curriculum and individual needs 

Our process begins with in-depth consultations to get to know your child and his or her learning goals and needs. Together, we develop a customized plan to optimize your student’s tutoring sessions. Our experts provide services in all subject areas and at any required degree of remediation. For example, depending on your student’s objectives, we provide supplemental or specialized reading support. We will supply assistance in any subject: History, Science, Math, ELA, and study skills, to name a few. Whether your child is in general education classes, a special education classroom, or requires specific services such as SLP or OT, we have a qualified expert ready to help.


Tutoring is a valuable supplement for any student that desires maximum academic success. It can fill any gaps that may arise during busy school days, and reinforce skills that may not be as solid as they should. Online tutoring, meanwhile, raises the bar even higher. It provides flexible scheduling, expert instruction and assistance, increased student engagement, and personalized learning plans for your student. All students – general education, special education, and those needing specialized services – can benefit from this useful and dynamic model. Online tutoring is here to stay, and for good reason. Whatever your learning goals or objectives may be, we have the solution that you are seeking. The VocoVision team is bringing experienced school professionals into homes across the country for online tutoring and virtual therapy sessions. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

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