Telepractice and Childhood Apraxia of Speech

In another article in this series, we looked at two types of speech sound disorders in children: articulation and phonology. Recall that “articulation” refers to issues with movement that may be caused by the child’s anatomy, weakness, or range of motion. “Phonology” refers to the complex patterns and rules we use for producing sounds. Some of the patterns we associate with speech sound disorders are actually part of the typical speech development process. However, when a child persists in these speech behaviors after a certain age, they may benefit from extra help by a SLP to acquire more adult speech patterns. Read More

Teletherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder – Evidence Based Practice

Research on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to be published and new ways of treatment are continuing to be developed. This includes teletherapy, which is a service delivery model that allows children access to the help they need, this is especially relevant to children who would otherwise not have access due to location or other barriers. Teletherapy also allows for already proven therapy methods to be implemented successfully. In this blog post, learn more about the why and how behind teletherapy services for autism spectrum disorder.

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3 Ways TVI Telepractitioners Can Help Visually Impaired Children at Home

There are many students with visual impairments in the United States who need support from a TVI. The availability of telepractice for visually impaired children opens up opportunities for both the TVI as well as the children who need help. In this blog post, learn more about the causes of visual impairments and how teachers of the visually impaired can support their students at home when receiving telepractice services

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Headphone Safety Tips for Online Learning & Teletherapy

In order to ensure headphone safety, being aware of the type of headphones children are using, how long they are wearing their headphones, as well as the volume at which they are listening is incredibly important. In a teletherapy environment, child hearing protection is an essential part of maintaining a safe and effective learning environment.

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The Effectiveness of Early Intervention Teletherapy

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allows for children from birth to 3 years old with developmental delays and disabilities to receive services under an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). These services are more commonly known as early intervention (EI) services. Thanks to telepractice, today there are specialist in every corner of the nation who can help most children realize their full potential from the start and across geographic barriers.

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Teletherapist

Ready, Set, Go! IEP season begins. Evaluations, treatment plan reviews, progress reports, and screenings pile up, while you continue to deliver therapy sessions. This can be an overwhelming and stress-filled season for SLPs, when you add in all the personal tasks that you need to juggle as well. With this in mind, it is important to establish small, simple, but effective routines that help us avoid “burnout”.

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Speaking After a Tracheostomy Removal with Speech Therapy

A tracheostomy is a procedure that helps patients with their ability to breathe. After receiving a tracheostomy, many have questions regarding their ability to speak. This article takes a look at how speech therapy can help a patient recovering from a tracheostomy.

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Virtual Learning Platform

Is your district prepared for extended school closures and the absence of immune-compromised students? As schools continue to reshape what their school year will look like, many are turning to remote therapy and distance learning. Find out more about how VocoVision has customizable virtual learning solutions for your school.

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Why Tutoring is Important & Benefits of Online Tutoring

One challenge within education is ensuring that all students receive quality instruction. It can be difficult to ensure that every student in the classroom is maximizing his or her potential. Enter tutoring. Since the beginning of organized education, tutoring has been an integral piece of the puzzle for many children. With the advent of the internet, we have entered an exciting, increasingly accessible realm. Online tutoring provides many benefits to students, parents, and schools. In these increasingly busy times, the flexibility and ease of access to online tutoring are invaluable. These advantages, combined with expert differentiation and instruction, can make a significant impact on your student’s academic future. Here at VocoVision, we hire only top-notch expert tutors to deliver online services to students. Discover how online tutoring can benefit your student. 

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Top Traits it Takes to Be a Teletherapist

Teletherapy is an up and coming option for many future and current therapists. While being a teletherapist may seem like a great alternative to a lot of people, it is not for everyone. The reality is that working at home means that certain traits will help you to be more successful. If you fall into these categories, then teletherapy may be for you! Read More